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  • 2019/08/28- 2020/08/29

    Straw Craft Activity and Craftsman Workshop Tour (with English guide)

    Straw craft, called mugiwara zaiku in Japanese, is a unique, tr...

  • 2019/08/28- 2020/08/28

    Onsenji Temple Hot Spring Therapy Origins Tour

    Onsenji is a temple in Kinosaki Onsen with rich history regarding the ...

  • 2019/09/01- 2019/11/30

    Oriental White Stork Observation Tour (with private English guide)

    The once-extinct Oriental White Storks were last seen flying in the sk...

  • 2019/07/22- 2020/07/22

    Zazen & Matcha + Private Nursery School Tour (with English guide)

    First, you'll meet your local English-speaking guide at Kinosaki On...

  • 2019/07/23- 2020/07/23

    Zen Meditation, Buddhist Sermon, & Matcha at Gokurakuji Temple

    Kinosaki Onsen's Gokurakuji Temple is in a secluded part of town, and ...

  • 2019/08/06- 2019/11/30

    Kinosaki Picturesque Riverside Cycling Tour

    Discover breathtaking landscapes located just a short bike ride away f...

  • 2019/08/01- 2019/10/31

    Kannabe Highlands Cycling with Local Picnic

    Cycle along vast rice fields, cultivated farmlands, and villages in be...

  • 2019/10/01- 2020/02/29

    Memorable Professional Photo Shoot in Kinosaki

    Capture your favorite memories of Kinosaki Onsen! Meet up with a pr...

  • 2019/07/18- 2019/11/30

    Forest Adventure in Kannabe Highlands

    This activity, created by Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE in June 2016, is...