Travel to the rural farming community of Tanto just south of Kinosaki Onsen and learn the ways of Buddhist meditation and spirituality with the help of Rev. Yoshiki, a local English-speaking monk who resides at Hokkeji Temple.

Under the guidance of Rev. Yoshiki, learn about the religious traditions of "dokyo" (Buddhist chanting), "shakyo" (Buddhist sutra copying), and "takigyo" (waterfall meditation) while also trying all three for yourself.

Yoshiki will pick you up in front of JR Kinosaki Onsen Station and drive you to Hokkeji Temple, a Buddhist temple in Tanto 50 minutes south of Kinosaki Onsen.

After arriving at Hokkeji Temple, take a seat and relax your body and soul amongst the peaceful temple scenery.

Rev. Yoshiki will give you a brief explanation in English about Buddhist chanting before beginning to recite the chant for a safe journey and experience during your waterfall meditation.

Visitors are more than welcome to close their eyes and relax during the ritual, but those who would like to be an active participant are encouraged to recite the chant as well with the help of a pronunciation script.

Once your Buddhist chanting experience comes to a close, take a short 15-minute hike from the Temple grounds to Jinryu Falls, the place where visitors will experience their waterfall meditation. During your hike, you will have the option of carrying small boulders on your back and shoulders as an added method of testing perseverance.

Visitors will be able to test their mindfulness and cleanse one's mind, body and soul during this unique experience.

Before beginning the ritual, you will enter a small changing room next to the waterfall and change into special garments: a white loincloth for men and a lightweight white garb for women.

After changing and hearing a brief explanation from Rev. Yoshiki about the purpose and benefits of waterfall meditation, visitors will stand underneath Jinryu Falls one by one for 3-5 minutes as Rev. Yoshiki recites a Buddhist chant.

During this time, cleanse your mind of outside thoughts and worries, and try to focus on oneself, the power of the waterfall, and the chant resonating throughout the forest.

*If you begin to feel too cold and/or unwell during the waterfall meditation, please do not feel pressured to remain underneath the water. Feel free to end the meditation at any time.

Visitors will then dry off, change back into their clothes, and return to Hokkeji Temple.

Rest your bones and muscles upon returning to Hokkeji Temple, and enjoy the relaxing art of sutra copying, a form of writing meditation that encourages mindfulness and positive manifestation. Write your family name and first name as a takehome keepsake.

Afterwards, enjoy a cup of tea and feel free to ask Rev. Yoshiki about spiritual guidance, your worries, or even about the life of a monk.

Drive back to Kinosaki Onsen Station, and bid farewell to your local guide and new friend!


5 days before activity
(Some times may differ)
13:00 - meet at Kinosaki Onsen Station, get a free ride with Rev. Yoshiki to Hokkeji Temple
・Arrive at Hokkeji Temple
・Buddhist chanting experience
・Head for Jinryu Falls (15 min hike)
・Change into proper garb, listen to an explanation of waterfall meditation
・Waterfall meditation experience (3-5 mins)
・Change back into regular clothes
・Head down back to Hokkeji Temple main building
・Sutra copying experience
・Enjoy a cup of tea and talk with Rev. Yoshiki
・Drive back to Kinosaki Onsen Station with Rev. Yoshiki
18:00 - End of activity
10 years old and up
In front of JR Kinosaki Onsen Station
・If your activity is during the winter (December-March), please wear warm clothes and boots.
・If your activity is during the winter, please note that the climb to the top of Kamitaki Mountain/Buddhist chant activity inside Hokkeji Temple inner sanctuary will not take place (if it is not winter and you still do not wish to climb to the top of the mountain, please tell us in advance).
・Lunch is not included in this activity, but you are welcome to bring food/snacks with you and eat them at the temple.
・Please bring something to drink for the hike.
・Please note that Toyooka Tourism Innovation nor Hokkeji Temple will not take responsibility for any injuries during the activity. Please participate at your own risk.
・In the case of a funeral at Hokkeji Temple, activities may be cancelled. We will notify customers via email. In this case, we do not require any cancellation fee.
・Depending on weather conditions, the hiking course may be modified.
(Per person unless otherwise noted)
Number of People Participating in Total Price per Person
2-6 people 5,000 yen
Waterfall meditation, Buddhist chant experience, sutra copying experience, tea, English-speaking guide
Day of Cancellation
The day of 100%
The day before 50%
2-7 days before 30%
8+ days before 0%
Pay by credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DC) via an activity confirmation link in an e-mail that we will send to you following your reservation.
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