Tattoo Friendly Onsen of Kinosaki

Kinosaki Onsen at night

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of tattoos in the west. According to one recent study, almost half of the citizens of Italy, Sweden, and the United States have at least one tattoo, with Australia and Argentina not too far behind at 43%. If you are one of the many visitors to Japan with tattoos, you likely know of the various methods used to cover up tattoos in order to enter often tattoo-free spaces like onsen. But even with a bandage or towel to cover up smaller tattoos, those with bigger tattoos still do not have a means of entering tattoo-prohibiting onsen.

Kinosaki Onsen, however, is a hot spring town where you can enter the seven public bathhouses without worrying about your tattoos. As tattoos have gained more and more popularity in the west, the question of tattoos in our onsen have come up frequently by inquiring visitors. All seven of the town's public hot springs can be entered with tattoos of any shape or size! Come as you are to Kinosaki Onsen to forget about all of your worries and relax in the soothing bath waters.

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