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Kinosaki Onsen

Zen Meditation, Buddhist Sermon, & Matcha at Gokurakuji Temple

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Try zen meditation and experience local Japanese culture at a lesser-known, local Kinosaki temple!

Zazen & Matcha + Private Nursery School Tour (with English guide)

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Take a glimpse into both traditional and contemporary Japanese life and culture through this tour. The tour will help clear your mind and warm your heart.

Kinosaki Picturesque Riverside Cycling Tour

Natural WondersActivities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

Discover breathtaking landscapes located just a short bike ride away from Kinosaki Onsen in this one-of-a-kind cycling tour!

Straw Craft Activity and Craftsman Workshop Tour (with English guide)

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Observe the fascinating and complex straw craft process, learn about its history, and make your own original straw craft design.

Onsenji Temple Hot Spring Therapy Origins Tour

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryHot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

On this tour, learn about the ancient bathing rituals, Onsenji Temple's history, the founder of Kinosaki Onsen, and more!

Yukata Rental in Kinosaki Onsen

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Become part of the traditional Japan atmosphere by renting a yukata during your visit to Kinosaki!

Private Meat Sommelier Lesson and Tajima Beef Meal

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Learn the history of Tajima beef and watch a meat sommelier demonstrate beef cutting skills in a private dining space. Afterwards, grill and enjoy the beef with various sides.

Genbudo Hand-crafted Rice Crackers

ShoppingKinosaki OnsenToyookaIzushi

Gunbudo uses high quality ingredients and produces a cracker that brings out the gentle flavor of the rice with every bite. These premium hand-crafted sembei crackers are truly an artform.

Chanoyu Teahouse

ShoppingKinosaki Onsen

This tea shop is a place where you can laugh and smile, while enjoying a friendly conversation accompanied by a delightful cup of tea. This delicious tea is sourced from local ingredients including dried herbs, spices, and dried f……

Souvenir Shop Itaya

ShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Itaya Souvenir Shop has a long history in Kinosaki. It was first founded as an inn during the Edo period (1603-1868). Before that it was a lumber business and this is where the shops name “Itaya” came from. “Itaya” in Japanese can……

Cycle to Genbudo Caves

Natural WondersActivities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

An easy bicycle ride along the Maruyama River from Kinosaki Onsen to Genbudo Museum and caves. Enjoy gorgeous river views, cycle past cute little farms and vegetable gardens, and enjoy the mountain views on this course.

Onsenji Temple

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

The guardian temple of Kinosaki's hot springs. The main building is located midway up Mt. Daishi and houses the rare and sacred 11-headed Kannon Bodhisattva, a designated national treasure. In the days of old, visitors would be re……

Stroll Kiyamachi Street

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

Stroll along a cherry blossom tree lined creek that runs along the mountain side. Here you can avoid the traffic on the main street and enjoy a more leisurely stroll. You will find cafes and shops hidden in the shopping square an……

Ropeway Hiking Course

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

A 45 minute hike up to the top of ropeway through the lush mountain forest at the back of the town. On your hike you will pass the guardian temple of the hot springs and find panoramic views on the town and coastline.

Straw Craft Workshop

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Fancy doing some arts and crafts during your stay in Kinosaki Onsen? The famous local craft is called Mugiwara Zaiku (straw craft). It is said that it was introduced to the region around 300 years ago, when a craftsman from Tottor……

Kinosaki Coastal Area

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiKinosaki OnsenTakeno

There are two beaches near to Kinosaki which can be easily reached via rental bicycle or train, Takeno and Kei no Hama. There are lots of places to stay at both beaches, and many tourists flock there during July and August to enjo……

Iroha Yukata Shop & Rental

Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki’s one and only yukata specialty boutique stocks a wide selection of high quality yukata for men, women, and children. Walk-ins and online reservations are accepted. You can rent a yukata for the entire day, giving you ple……

Bag Café Bar Creezan

ShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Genbudo Museum & Park

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Genbudo Museum houses an extensive collection of rare minerals and precious stones as well as t-rex, pterosaur, and Asian elephant fossils. Located directly out in front of the museum is the natural national monument Genbudo Caves……

Marine World

Activities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

The Kinosaki Marine World is an aquarium united with nature, where the Japanese sea unfolds before your eyes. Located high up on the coastal cliffs in Hiyoriyama, about 5km north of Kinosaki Onsen. Marine World can be accessed by……

Okeshou fresh seafood market and dining

ShoppingKinosaki Onsen

A specialty store where you can enjoy fresh seafood, even seasonal snow crab. Ask about having your favorite fish prepared just the way you want.


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Kouno-yu is the bath that will bring you happiness in your marriage and longevity. This is the oldest hot spring in Kinosaki. It is said that it was discovered when a priest found an oriental stork healing its wounds in the water……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Mandara means the enlightened mind, and is named so because the waters of Mandara were supposedly brought forth after a holy priest, Dochi, prayed continually for a thousand days. There are two small ceramic baths located outside……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Goshono-yu, also known as the "Water of Beauty", brings luck in love and protects you against fires. Goshono-yu was built in the likeness of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace. The foyer and lounge area are accessed by beautifully painted s……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

The architecture resembles that of a kabuki theater and is a popular bathhouse landmark. This bathhouse features a cave made of natural boulders and soft ambient lighting, perfect for those wanting a calm and relaxing soak. Come a……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Yanagi-yu is said to ensure fertility and safe childbirth for woman. Yanagi is Japanese for weeping willow, and gets its name from the willow-lined street that runs in front of the Yanagi-yu. This is a cozy bath house. The interi……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

The design of the building was inspired by a Japanese lantern. The hexagonal windows are shaped like the volcanic rock formations of Genbudo cave. It is a local favorite, with many families from the neighborhood still preferring ……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Located directly next to the station, this onsen features a beautiful panoramic view from its outdoor bath located on the third floor observation deck. Step into the sauna where aromatic herbs fill the air. Relax in the beautifull……

Kinosaki International Arts Center

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC) is an Artist-in-Residence center focused on performing arts. Kinosaki has always had a deep relationship with the arts. It was here that the writer Naoya Shiga wrote his famous story 'In ……


Activities & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

The view from Mount Daishi at the top of Kinosaki Ropeway was awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide Japan as a spectacular view.   Midway up the ropeway at the intermediate station, is the patron temple of Kinosaki O……