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Heiji Jizo (Stone Statue of Standing Jizo Bosatsu)

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

Heiji Jizo is the largest stone Jizo (a guardian deity of children & travelers) in Kyoto Prefecture, with a height of 5.3 meters, including the platform. In 1833, a monk collected donations for the temple to erect this statue.……

Keitoku-In Temple

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

Keitoku-In Temple is famous for having 44 screens of fusuma (Japanese sliding screens) paintings by the Japanese artist Roshu Nagasawa, of the Maruyama school. The six rooms in our main temple contain an 8-screen painting of a tig……

Kotohira Jinja Shrine

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

Established in 1811, Kotohira Jinja Shrine, attracts people from all over Tango who pray here for business prosperity, scholastic excellence, marriage and more. In the fall the shrine is decorated with beautiful autumn leaves.……

Onaru Burial Mounds

Natural WondersArt, Culture & HistoryKyotango

Located at a high plateau that looks down at Tateiwa Rock, Onaru is an ancient tomb of a stone room dug along the side of a hill with 13 units, built from the end of the 6th century to the beginning of the seventh. During the spri……

Nyoi-Ji Temple

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

A calm, inland bay spreads out in front of the gates of this temple, which is located in a bountiful, natural, environment with a striking view. The large, well-kept grounds of Nyoi-Ji Temple is covered in various flowers, trees, ……

Gosho Inaba Honke – Historical Merchant House

Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKyotango

At the “Gosho Inaba Honke" , the main family house of a wealthy merchant family, located in Kumihama City, you can visit a reproduction of the mansion of the Inaba Family, who came to enormous wealth through a shipping agency busi……

Kamitani Jinja Shrine (Kamitani Tachinomiya)

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

This shrine is a Kyoto Prefecture-designated cultural property. In one corner of Kamitani Jinja Shrine is a large “iwakura,” or sacred rock, where ancient people could measure the best season for agriculture based on the angle o……

Kyotango City History Center

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

This museum is housed in a building of a former elementary school. The museum houses about 8,000 items, mainly items relating to traditional daily life and agricultural equipment, but also items relating to the fishing industry, f……

Kotohikihama Singing Sand Cultural Building

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

This is an experience-based facility where you can learn everything about the singing sands of Kotohikihama Beach. Many things drift in on the ocean’s current into Kotohikihama Beach on the Sea of Japan. See the stories these item……

Komachi Koen Park

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

“Komachi Koen Park,” located in Oomiya City, is a park in the historic land of Komachi, where “Ono no Komachi,” one of the six famous poets of the Heian Era who was said to be extremely beautiful, spent her last days. In the park,……