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Genbudo Museum & Park

Natural WondersArt, Culture & HistoryToyooka

Genbudo Museum houses an extensive collection of rare minerals and precious stones as well as t-rex, pterosaur, and Asian elephant fossils. Located directly out in front of the museum is the natural national monument Genbudo Caves……

Iroha Yukata Shop & Rental

Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki’s one and only yukata specialty boutique stocks a wide selection of high quality yukata for men, women, and children. Walk-ins and online reservations are accepted. You can rent a yukata for the entire day, giving you ple……

Toyooka City Museum of Art

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

The Toyooka City Museum of Art was founded in honor of artists local to Toyooka City. Kiyonaga Itoh, a paitner native to Izushi and famous for his fine-art nude paintings, donated some of his works to Izushi, kickstarting the crea……

Arikoyama Inari Shrine

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Arikoyama Inari Shrine is located beside Izushi Castle Ruins, and is part of the reason why Izushi is lovingly referred to by locals as "Little Kyoto." Arikoyama Inari Shrine decorates the base of Mount Arikoyama and is well-know……


Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Karoyashiki was used as a residential dwelling by Izushi Domain's feudal retainer during the late Edo Period, and it is said to be the only samurai residence left within Izushi Castle. Izushi Castle was conceived within three conc……

Steam Locomotive C5711

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Built in 1937, Steam Locomotive C5711 is a vintage train that has been preserved in Toyooka City's Central Park since 1972. Originally tasked with hauling passenger cars for the Kamome Limited Express along the San'in Line from To……

Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiKannabe

Uemura Naomi was born in Hidaka, a town in modern-day Toyooka City, and is world-renowned as one of man-kind's most accomplished adventurers.

Traditional Straw Craft Box Creation Activity (With Take-Home Memento)

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Observe the fascinating and complex straw craft process, learn about its history, and make your own original straw craft design.

Shisho Shrine

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Shisho Shrine, one of the most well-known Shinto shrines in the area, is located in the center of Kinosaki Onsen next to Goshono-yu. It has been said since the shrine's reported founding in 708 AD that guardians of Kinosaki Onsen'……


Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiTakeno

Oyojikan, originally the home of Takeno's village leader and Kitamae ship owner, is now a free museum and rest space in Takeno that houses temporary exhibitions, a vintage photo gallery, and permanent exhibitions about Takeno's hi……

Yoshio Toui Memorial Hall

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiTanto

The Yoshio Toui Memorial Hall is a small museum and library located inside Toyooka City’s branch building in Tanto. Detailing the accomplishments of Yoshio Toui, a teacher and writer from modern-day Tanto, the exhibits tell of hi……

Yu No Yama Park

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Yu No Yama Park is a secluded mountain viewpoint located right behind Ichino-Yu Hot Spring. A hidden gem unknown even to many locals, visitors will be rewarded with one of Kinosaki Onsen's best panoramic views after climbing the n……