Samurai House Karoyashiki

Karoyashiki was used as a residential dwelling by Izushi Domain’s feudal retainer during the late Edo Period, and it is said to be the only samurai residence left within Izushi Castle. Izushi Castle was conceived within three concentric baileys, with this residence in the third outer level located near the manor of the daimyo (feudal lord) and administrative office on the premises where Izushi Branch of Toyooka City Hall currently lies. From this, one can surmise that the master of this home was the karo (senior retainer) to the Izushi Domain.

During the Meiji Restoration in 1868, the majority of buildings accompanying the castle in the inner and middle baileys were torn down, Furthermore, due to a large fire in 1876 almost all buildings in the surrounding area were destroyed. One can say that the remaining buildings such as the samurai house are a valuable piece of architectural cultural heritage due to retaining traces of the bygone Izushi Domain era. Since then, Karoyashiki has been renovated for use as a public facility, resulting in a few changes such as its location; however, the general building materials and room layout have remained the same as in the olden days.

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