Cycling to the Genbudo Caves

Just 5 kilometers from Kinosaki Onsen lies Genbudo Park, home to the five basalt Genbudo Caves which are designated as part the UNESCO San’in Kaigan Geopark.

  • Kinosaki Onsen
  • 3 hrs. or less
  • solo travelersenior travelerfamily with kidscouplesfriends
  • SpringSummerAutumn
Day 01
Kinosaki Onsen Station
Head over to SOZORO, a tourist information center in front of Kinosaki Onsen Station for some rental bikes.

Looking for a place to store your luggage?

No worries! SOZORO can hold onto it for you for a separate fee.
About18min. by bicycle
Genbudo Park
Home to the five beautiful basalt Genbudo Caves with over 1.6 million years of geological history, Genbudo Park was designated in 1931 as a National Natural Monument by the Japanese Government due to their significant role in the discovery of reverse magnetization, and the impressive caves are also part of the San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark.
About3min. by foot
Genbudo Museum
Just across from Genbudo Park, the Genbudo Museum houses a weaving workshop where guests can learn about Toyooka’s traditional art of willow craft that has a 2,000-year history.

As one wanders the first floor they will also find themselves face to face with an Asian elephant fossil, ancient animals which once roamed the San’in Kaigan Geopark.
About17min. by bicycle
Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands
The Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands covers an area of approximately 3.8. It creates an organic connection between the surrounding undeveloped woodland area, streams, rice fields, river and ocean, enhancing the wetland ecosystem.

Near the mountains you can see Oriental White Storks prowling the waters for food, and in spring one can view chicks in the artificial nesting tower above.
About3min. by bicycle
Itsukushima Shrine
This shinto shrine is just north of the Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands, boasting one of the largest torii gates in the area!
About6min. by bicycle
Foot Bath at Satono-yu
After returning the bikes to SOZORO, consider resting your feet at the foot bath outside of Satono-yu bathhouse just across the street.