Arikoyama Castle Ruins

The Arikoyama Castle Ruins are located atop of Mount Arikoyama in Izushi.

Built in 1574, Arikoyama Castle was ruled by the Yamana Clan and was designated as a fortress of the Tajima Province (now the modern-day Tajima Region in Northern Hyogo Prefecture).

In 1580, the castle was attacked by the feudal lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi and fell, leaving behind only the ruins that are seen today.

Hiking Route

It is recommended to bring these items on your hike:

・Hiking shoes, bell or other noise-maker to ward off bears, gloves (to prevent rope burn from the climbing rope on the trail), headlight (if climbing during the early morning)

Beginning Your Hike

Start your trek by entering through Arikoyama Inari Shrine and ascending the stairs lined with red torii gates (left, top 2 images).

The walk from the base of the staircase to the top takes about 5-10 minutes depending on one’s pace.

Once at the top of the staircase, visitors will see a gate and a bear warning sign (right, bottom 2 images).

Please note that bears can occasionally enter the hiking path area. It is recommended to bring along a bell or something that makes noise in order to ward away bears. Please use your own judgement regarding safety when climbing on the path.


Hiking Up

At a leisurely pace, hikers can reach the Arikoyama Castle Ruins within 1~1.5 hours. The trail is steep during the first half of the hike and becomes less intense as climbers reach the top.

Ropes are placed throughout the trail in steep areas for hikers to grip on while climbing (left image, red circle).

Some spots on the trail may be slippery.

Please refrain from climbing at night.

Mountaintop Views

At the top of Mount Arikoyama, hikers are rewarded with the chance to explore the spectacular Arikoyama Castle Ruins (a designated historic site) along with an exceptional view of the castle town Izushi below.

During the autumn months, hikers can also experience a “sea of clouds” where the surrounding landscape is blanketed in a heavenly cloud cover.


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