Straw Craft Museum

Learn The History Of Kinosaki's Traditional Artform

The Straw Craft Museum in Kinosaki is a hub of information relating to Kinosaki’s traditional artform of mugiwara zaiku (straw craft).

According to past records, a craftsman from modern-day Tottori Prefecture traveled to Kinosaki approximately 300 years ago. As a means of making money for his lodgings, the man began to stick colored pieces of straw to frames and flutes and sold them to interested customers.


An array of beautiful and intricate straw craft creations are on display in the two-floor museum, including antique boxes, framed artworks, and traditional dolls.

An informative multilingual video detailing the process of straw craft is can be viewed on the first floor along with a selection of souvenirs available for purchase.

Crafting Activities

Those who are interested in making their very own straw craft creation to bring home are welcome to try any of the following crafting activities. All straw craft pieces come pre-cut with each design, making this activity an ideal experience for children.

  • Postcard (400 yen)
  • Bookmark (400 yen)
  • Small Photo (800 yen)
  • Japanese Fan (600 yen)
  • Bell (500~800 yen)
  • Mini Plate (500 yen)
  • Keychain (800 yen)
  • Toy Top (500 yen)
  • Box (1000 yen)

Information listed below was last updated 02/2022 and is subject to change.Contact the business directly for updated information. Note, most businesses can only speak Japanese.


Business Name
Straw Craft Museum
Business Hours
10:00~16:00 (last entry at 15:30)
Holidays / Closed
Every Wednesday (Thursday if Wednesday is a national holiday)
Entrance Fee
Adults 300 yen, high school students and middle school students 200 yen
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.
Supported Languages
English informational video available about straw craft. English pamphlets available for craft activities


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