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Kinosaki Ashiyu Cafe

Soak your feet in a footbath and munch on some sweet potato pastries and ice cream.

Cafe Coucou

Beachside cafe serving home-made granola, breakfast, lunch, and desserts.

Cafe & Bar 3rd

A cafe and lunch spot serving burgers, curry, coffee, and baked goods.

Agri Garden

Kinosaki Tokiwa Garden

Bag Café Bar CREEZAN

Chanoyu Teahouse

Kinosaki Gelato Cafe Chaya

This cafe offers a menu with the town's famous and popular gelato. Another favorite are the plump, over-easy boiled eggs that you boil yourself in the nearby hot spring waters. ……

Miharashi Terrace Cafe

Enjoy ice cream and traditional sweet rice cake balls while overlooking the Sea of Japan and the town of Kinosaki from the top of the ropeway. ……

Genbudo Museum Cafe & Restaurant

A cafe and restaurant with an outdoor panoramic view of the Maruyama River

Kinosaki Sweets

A specialty sweets and confectionary store born in Kinosaki Onsen. Kinosaki Sweets is a familiar shop for the locals of this charming, old-fashioned hot spring village called Kinos……

Geo Cafe

A small cafe near Kinosaki Marine World offering scenic views of the Sea of Japan.

Book Cafe Un

A library-cafe hybrid selling sweets, drinks, and books.


Kinosaki Vinegar

A drink cafe serving vinegar-based beverages.

Cafe Lamp Eye

After stork-watching at Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands, stop into this nextdoor cafe for a warm meal in a cozy cottage.


A tea shop selling matcha-flavored desserts


A cafe serving cakes, drinks, and light meals. Enjoy the cafe’s small photo gallery and even spend a night in one of the guest rooms on the second floor. ……