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Coffee shop Nova

Listen to a range of music from classical to jazz while you take a break to relax at coffee shop Nova. Choose from a wide selection of coffee which is all carefully brewed to perfe……


You can try parfaits, frozen yogurt, other sweets, homemade croquettes, hot crab cream sandwiches, and more.


Yunosato Douri is the main street of Kinosaki's night life. Coffee and whiskey AYAME. We welcome you with heartfelt hospitality in our traditional Japanese kimono wear. VIP room ca……

Miharashi Terrace Cafe

Enjoy colorful dango and traditional sweet rice cake balls while overlooking the Sea of Japan and the town of Kinosaki from the top of the ropeway.

Cafe and Bar Kyara

A stylish bar offering hot spring themed cocktails and more, all drinks are 500 yen.


Come and try a dish of our specialty jumbo shrimp. After your meal enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Cafe Koyama

Popular items include our breakfast set, Japanese-style meal set, homemade waffles, and homemade burger steaks.

Cafe Moa

Come on in and take a break at Cafe Moa. We have many delicious burgers to choose from. The Moa Burger is a local favorite and if you are looking for more volume, the Special Burge……

Dori Cafe

Dori Café, Kinosaki soba crepes and traditional crepes. Our menu is made with healthy and safe ingredients. Dori café is a popular local café because all the ingredients that we u……

Organic Select Shop BOSK

An organic select shop in Kannabe Highlands, Toyooka City located in the center of the Tajima, a region rich in nature. Fresh vegetables and miscellaneous goods can be bought. It a……

Auberge ALBERIO with observatory

Dinners feature seasonal vegetables, freshly harvested from our farm, seafood from the Sea of Japan, Tajima Beef, and more, all skillfully arranged by the chef who trained in Franc……

Café & Kitchen Agri Garden

A small hideaway restaurant in Kannabe Highlands. The restaurant features locally grown vegetables from the highlands, centered on the theme of "local production for local consump……