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If you were to liken Kinosaki to a house, the station would be the front door, the roads would be the corridors, the ryokan would be the guestrooms, the onsen would be the baths, and finally, the teahouse would be the living room.

With the idea of creating a living space that is adored by everyone, Chanoyu was opened in 2019.

This tea shop is a place where you can laugh and smile, while enjoying a friendly conversation accompanied by a delightful cup of tea.

The Products

“7 Onsen Stroll” (Rose)

A flavor capturing the feeling of walking around Kinosaki and its 7 public onsens.

With relaxing effects similar to those when entering an onsen, a rose flavor has been harnessed for the core of this tea.

And with the added refreshing tastes of herbs like peppermint and lemongrass, it makes the perfect tea to quell a parched throat after getting out of the onsen.

“Oriental White Stork” (Grape)

With its sweet aroma, adults and children alike will relish this special tea made from locally produced grapes.

“Izushi Castle Town” (Soba & Brown Rice)

A tea that gets its inspiration from Izushi’s famous soba noodles.

Along with its natural and earthy aroma of unmilled rice, soba’s distinct flavor is brought out in this tea.

“Nihon-kai” (Kombu – a traditional kelp blend)

Meaning ‘The Sea of Japan’, experience the vast bounty of the coastline with this traditional Japanese kelp-based tea.

The blend of seaweed and katsuobushi (shaved bonito) adds to the depth and richness of the taste of this tea.

“Tachibana” (Mikan citrus)

Named after Mikan’s distant ancestor, the Tachibana fruit.

Coming from a long and royal lineage of citrus, this tea leverages the Mikan’s puckering sourness and sweet taste, and blends it into an invigorating drink.

Girded by mountains and lined by sea, the Tajima area has been blessed with bountiful nature.

While taking full advantage of the unique local history and resources, Chanoyu aims to create a teahouse that will be be loved by everyone.

Take a Rest

Chanoyu’s tea can be enjoyed with a view from their second-floor cafe seating.

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Business Name
Business Hours
10:30 am - 6:00 pm

This site is in Japanese.

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Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


Menu Languages
Japanese, English


671-1 Kinosakicho Yushima, Toyooka, Hyogo 669-6101