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Kinosaki Vinegar

A drink cafe serving vinegar-based beverages.


A tea shop selling matcha-flavored desserts


A small cafe selling croquettes, ice cream, and mochi desserts


A coffee shop serving pasta, pizza, cakes, and drinks.


A retro-style Japanese restaurant located along the Takeno River (closed in winter)

ima CAFE

A popular cafe located on the intersection of Caban Street and Daikai Street serving fresh-baked goods, curry, and chicken dishes. ……


Located inside Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel, enjoy the dramatic views of Takeno Beach and the Sea of Japan while savoring local pudding, Japanese beef, and drinks (reservations for m……

Kamino Coffee

A chic coffee and scone cafe nestled in the retro Fureai Shopping Arcade, Japan's oldest wooden shopping street.


A bear-themed roadside restaurant and bakery serving tamago kake gohan (rice with egg), homemade cakes, donuts, and more.

Sweets & Books Kinoshita

A sweets cafe well-known for their cookie sandwiches.

Geo Cafe

A small cafe in Kinosaki Marine World offering scenic views of the Sea of Japan.


A cafe serving cakes, drinks, and light meals. Enjoy the cafe’s small photo gallery and even spend a night in one of the guest rooms on the second floor. ……

Todo bien coffee

A cafe located inside Todohyo, an event space in Toyooka. Their mascot, a friendly walrus with a love for coffee, has their own line of products available for purchase as well. ……

Avian Tot Tearoom

A tearoom surrounded by greenery with a whimsical interior. Feel free to inquire about their stork-themed prayer plaques to use at Kukuhi Shrine next door! ……

Plants Plus

A greenery-filled cafe selling potted plants, cakes, cookies, and drinks.

Alter Ego MATIC

A cafe on Toyooka's Caban Street (bag street) with a friendly dog mascot, drinks and sweets. Exclusive ice cream sandwiches inspired by Toyooka's willow bags are a local favorite.……

Genbudo Museum Cafe & Restaurant

A cafe and restaurant with an outdoor panoramic view of the Maruyama River

Higurashi Coffee

Toyooka's most famous coffee shop selling drinks, light meals, and upcycled coffee bean handbags