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Auberge Toyooka 1925

A former bank renovated into a restaurant serving Tajima beef hamburgers, desserts, tea and more


A restaurant just outside of Takeno Station serving traditional Japanese lunches, cream soda, and desserts.

Café House Colombia

A cozy cafe known for their omusoba, which is a Japanese omelette on top of yakisoba.

Chou Chou Pot

A restaurant serving omelet rice, hamburg steaks, pancakes, and more. Be sure to stop by the vintage steam locomotive on display in the nearby park. ……

Izushi Towa

A Japanese-style cafe selling sandwiches, boxed lunches, and rice balls.


A cafe inside of the Izushi Information Center, known for their soba flavored ice cream.

Kano Boku

A farm selling freshly made ice cream, pudding, cakes, and more. Their shop is located next to the Izushi Information Center.


A coffee shop also selling tea and cakes.


Located inside Konotori no Sato Station. A breakfast and lunch spot serving coffee, tea, scones, soba, and more.

Chanoyu Teahouse


A cafe in the heart of Izushi serving coffee and sweets.

Kinosaki Vinegar

A drink cafe serving vinegar-based beverages.


A tea shop selling matcha-flavored desserts


A small cafe selling croquettes, ice cream, and mochi desserts


A coffee shop serving pasta, pizza, cakes, and drinks.


A retro-style Japanese restaurant located along the Takeno River (closed in winter)

Cafe Lamp Eye

After stork-watching at Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands, stop into this nextdoor cafe for a warm meal in a cozy cottage.

ima CAFE

A popular cafe located on the intersection of Caban Street and Daikai Street serving fresh-baked goods, curry, and chicken dishes. ……