Rental Car Getaway to Tanto Farming Village

Dig a little deeper with a visit to the hidden countryside, 45 minutes by car from Kinosaki Onsen.

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Day 01
Lunch at Tankuma
The epitome of Japanese comfort food can be experience at Tankuma, a cozy roadside stop serving tamago kake gohan (rice with egg), homemade cakes, donuts, and more.

Don't miss a snap with the bear-shaped restroom!
About18min. by car
Flowers and Foliage
Depending on the season, Tanto offers visitors various rainbows of vibrant greenery.

The annual spring tulip festival at Tanto Flower Park boasts over 1 million tulips in oodles of colors and species.

Summertime visitors can catch rice field art installations and the annual sunflower festival.

In Autumn, Ankokuji Temple erupts in the reddest of reds with the blooming of multiple dodan-tsutsuji shrubs (Enkianthus perultas) just behind the temple's main hall.
About2min. by car
Japan Mongolia Folk Museum
The largest museum in Japan dedicated to Mongolian culture.

Due to its past of producing silk, Tanto has historically welcomed professors and visitors from Mongolia to observe Tanto’s process of creating silk, and thus the museum was born.

Try on a deel (traditional Mongolian garb), make friends with the local goat Satsuki, and before you know it you’ll be traveling through Mongolia in no time!
About12min. by car
Silk Onsen Yamabiko
Home to a geothermal spring nicknamed the "water of beauty," Silk Onsen Yamabiko is an all-inclusive hot spring resort with waters leaving skin feeling smooth and silky.

Stay for an afternoon or spend the night!