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Note: Only main events ocurring in Kinosaki Onsen and Toyooka City are posted on this page. Please check our Instagram highlights @visitkinosaki for all events.

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September 6~23

Toyooka Theater Festival

Madama Butterfly, scheduled to be performed at the Kinosaki International Arts Center © Philip Frowein Held yearly in September. As a small city with a profound focus on the……


Takeno Umi Machi Market

With warm weather comes Takeno's monthly seaside market! Shop local at various food and gift stalls while taking in the fresh ocean breeze. ……

Every month

Izushi Monthly Market

The monthly Irodori Market welcomes local vendors to sell their wares to passersby on the retro streets of Izushi.

June 16

Kannabe Cabbage Festival

Celebrate the cabbage harvest with cabbage-themed games, and stick around to watch the cabbage-eating contest!


Tanto Rice Field Art

The annual rice field art installments in Tanto are back for summer 2024!From late June to September, come and view two rice field artpieces carefully designed and grown by local ……

July 28

Hidaka Summer Festival

Gather around the food stalls in front of Ebara Station for local eats and fireworks! Schedule: ・Food stalls: from 17:00・Fireworks: 20:00 ……

July 30

Takeno Fireworks Show

The 52nd annual Takeno fireworks show will be held on July 30 from 20:00~20:50 on Takeno Beach! Come down to one of Japan's best beaches for the ultimate summertime fireworks d……


Tanto Sunflower Festival + Corn Picking

Tanto's annual Sunflower Festival at Tanto Flower Park is just in time for summer! Throughout August, over 500,000 sunflowers will be on display for festival-goers to frolick t……

August 1~2

Yanagi Matsuri

Toyooka City's annual summer festival, the Yanagi Matsuri, is back for 2024! As an honorary celebration commemmorating the town's history in willow-crafting and subsequently bag-m……

August 14-15

Izushi Bon Odori

Bon Odori is a traditional Japanese dance that is often performed at summer festivals to honor ancestors who have passed away.

November 3

Izushi Castle Festival

On the 3rd of November every year, the Castle Festival is held to symbolize the castle town of Izushi. The highlight of the festival is the Daimyo Gyoretsu, a procession of people……

Early-Mid November

Autumn Foliage at Ankokuji Temple

Ankokuji Temple, the Zen Buddhist temple famed for its vibrant autumn foliage in the farming village of Tanto, will be welcoming visitors to admire the fall leaves in November. ……


Toyooka Art Season

Various dance, music, theater, and art events will be held throughout Toyooka City. Those who would like to receive more information about Toyooka Art Season, including the ful……

2025 date TBA

Kitamae Festival

Kitamae ships were trading vessels active from the1600s to the 1800s, setting sail from Hokkaido and transporting goods to ports around Japan. Takeno was one of the trading stops ……

2025 date TBA

Izushi Soba-Eating Competition

The annual soba-eating competition in Izushi! What is Izushi Soba? Izushi soba noodles are the local gourmet dish, made of buckwheat and traditionally served on five small w……

April (tentative, depending on blooming)

Tanto Tulip Festival

The annual Tulip Festival in Tanto, a farming village southeast of Kinosaki Onsen, is going to be held this year in April! Event Location: Tanto Flower Park, 1234 Tantocho……

2025 date TBA

Izushi First Day of the Horse Festival

A procession of shrine maidens dressed as white foxes descending from Arikoyama Inari Shrine The 400-year-old custom of welcoming the arrival of spring in Izushi Castle Town, the F……

2024 date TBA

Izushi Shin Soba Festival

Join us for the annual soba buckwheat noodle festival! Tis the season for harvesting buckwheat. Waste no time getting a taste of the freshest soba noodles just in time for a……