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Stork Natural Rice

Natural WondersDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Stork Natural Rice uses an environmentally friendly farming method that cultivates quality rice while nurturing various living creatures, but was originally created to support the Oriental White Storks’ revival. This safe and whol……

Oriental White Stork Preservation

Natural WondersToyooka

Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture created a breeding and research facility to save and preserve the Oriental White Stork after the last wild Oriental White Stork died in 1971. In 2005, they were successfully reintroduced into the w……

Oriental White Stork Attractions

Natural WondersDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Toyooka City is dedicated to the preservation and reintroduction of the Oriental White Stork. Several land areas in Toyooka have been designated as wildlife reserves and are used to help reintroduce the Oriental White Stork back i……

Kumihama Bay

Natural WondersKyotango

“Kumihama Bay” is a lagoon separated from the Sea of Japan with a sand bank. Inside the calm inland sea is an oyster farm, and this view has been designated as a Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Landscape. The rich population of plankton……

Onaru Burial Mounds

Natural WondersArt, Culture & HistoryKyotango

Located at a high plateau that looks down at Tateiwa Rock, Onaru is an ancient tomb of a stone room dug along the side of a hill with 13 units, built from the end of the 6th century to the beginning of the seventh. During the spri……

Kabutoyama Observation Deck

Natural WondersKyotango

A magnificent view of Kumihama Bay from the Mt. Kabuto Observatory. It's about a 30-minute walk, one-way to the observatory.

Hanago Okada (Flower Garden)

Natural WondersKyotango

Hanago Okada is a large flower garden in Amino Town, Kyotango City with an area of 75,000 square meters. Colorful flowers bloom across the garden, as far as the eye can see. Tulip, ground pink wisteria trellis, rape blossoms, doub……

Uchiyama Beech Forest

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

“Uchiyama Beech Forest,” located in Omiya City, is the largest beech forest in the Northern Kinki region, spanning across a slope of over 450 meters in altitude. This forest is a treasure chest of nature, being the home to not onl……

Kirifuri Waterfall

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Kirifuri Waterfall is a waterfall located at the mountain valley of Shinjo, Amino Town along the Kumihama direction of National Route 178. The waterfall has a width of 4 meters, and height of 21 meters. The falling water hits agai……

Isanagosan Mountain

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Isanagosan Mountain, located in Mineyama Town, has a height of 661 meters, and is famous for being the mountain where the “Swan Maiden,” one of the 7 beauties in Kyotango, landed. This mountain is the origin for the oldest Japan……

Kabutoyama Park Campsite

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

“Kabutoyama Park Campsite,” located in Kumihama City, is a campsite at the base of Kabutoyama mountain with Kumihama Bay around its perimeter. This location hosts various activities, such as camping, auto-camping, barbecue, fishin……

Tenkitenki Mura Auto Campsite

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Camping Season: From April to October Summer Season Camping Fees: From 4,000 yen / site Winter Season Camping Fees: From 1,000 yen / site Reservations: Required