Renovated in July of 2008 with the theme of quiet calmness. An hotel with meals homemade with the good fortune of the sea.


Nagomi-kan (Soft and calming room)

Max capacity: 2 persons ~ 5 persons

Toilet: Yes / Bath: No / No smoking

Renovated with a Japanese-style of harmony in mind. The rooms color scheme is based on time honored Japanese colors, accented by the traditional straw matted floor(tatami). Much of the rooms accents and finishing touches use natural woods to create a sense of calm and harmony. The room can accommodate up to 5 people for a relaxing stay. During renovation the room was also insulated to be sound proof and reinforced to be earthquake proof. New features were also added to make our female guests more comfortable. The master of the hotel took great care in designing this room to be filled with many lavish features so that our guests may enjoy their stay at their own leisure.