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Kinosaki Plus 1: A Day at Takeno Beach

  • A summer trip to a hot spring town. The idea of bathing in waters over 42 degrees celsius during the hottest months of the year may seem antithetical to many travelers, but we promise - after a dip in Kinosaki Onsen's healing waters, you'll feel refreshed and ready to conquer your next summer vacation destination just 1 train stop away! Takeno Beach is proudly dubbed as one of Japan's absolute best beaches (in the top 100, FYI) and a scenic 10-minute train ride away from Kinosaki Onsen Station lies a quaint fishing town with countless picturesque views. Visiting us in the summer? Consider extending your hot spring vacation to the shores of Takeno Beach.

  • Breakfast at Colombia

    We recommend starting off the day early, so be sure to get on a morning train from Kinosaki Onsen! If you haven't had breakfast yet, pop into Cafe House Colombia once you hop off the train at Takeno Station and start the walk through town. This adorable cafe serves up a hearty and wholesome serving of their famous omusoba. What is omusoba, you ask? Imagine a fluffy egg omelette stuffed with warm stir fried noodles, and there you have it.

  • Back in Time We Go

  • Now you may be wondering - where's the beach? It's not immediately viewable right from Takeno Station, but worry not! Sky blue waters and soft sandy shores await after a 15-minute walk north across the Takeno River and through town. A storybook setting unfolds after crossing the bridge over the Takeno River. The sleepy narrow roads are lined with cozy retro yakisugi (charred cedar) homes, an architectural hallmark of the town. As you slip through time, make sure to be on the lookout for the neighborhood cats meowing their welcomes to you and your friends!

  • Visiting in spring?
    Before setting out, get some snaps with the cherry blossoms blooming near the station.

  • The Beach and Nekozaki Peninsula

  • At last, the beach is in sight! Feel the sand between your toes and dip your feet into some of Japan's most pristine waters. Take a quick plunge and either spend the morning chilling with a book by the water or dry off and venture up the nearby Nekozaki Peninsula. The hike is two hours roundtrip, and the view at the top is unmatched - the northernmost point of Hyogo Prefecture paints the Sea of Japan's aquamarine waters on a mesmerizing panoramic canvas.

  • Is a 2-hour hike not on the schedule?

    Consider hiking 15 minutes up Mount Jaja for views just as gorgeous as Nekozaki, or set out to sea in a kayak or on a paddleboard.

  • Lunch at Ottotto

    Takeno is blessed with the bounty of the ocean right at its fingertips, so a seafood feast is only fitting for the day's lunch. Savor a fresh catch at Ottotto, a rustic cafe right by the beach and a favorite with locals. The fish menu changes daily depending on the fishermen's most recent catch. If fish isn't really your thing, the staff is also happy to whip up a dish of karaage (fried chicken) or tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

  • Seaside Hot Spring

    After an outdoor adventure and filling up on a delicious meal, soothing your muscles in Takeno's local hot spring is a must. The hot spring is in the Kitamaekan Building located right on Takeno Beach, with indoor and outdoor baths on the second floor providing bathers with yet another unbeatable beachside view.

  • Kitamae Ships

    The Kitamaekan building receives its name from the Kita Mae ships that were active until the 1800s, setting sail from Hokkaido and transporting goods to ports around Japan. Takeno was one of the stops along the Kita Mae route, and the townspeople still commemorate this history today.

    After a bath, visitors can learn more about this history by checking out Kitamaekan's Kazemachi Museum. Exhibits written in English explain Takeno's history as a trading hub and also introduce the unique geological formations dotting Takeno Beach.

  • Looking for souvenirs?
    Kitamaekan has a corner for that too.

  • Your Accommodation: Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel

    Turn in for the evening at Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel, an accommodation located, you guessed it, on Takeno Beach! Okukinosaki blends comfort and culture with spacious Japanese-style rooms equipped with plush futon mattresses. No need to worry about dinner plans - Okukinosaki has got you covered with in-room dining featuring fresh crab, steak, and more in a traditional banquet-style meal. Go for hot spring seconds after dinner with a final soak in Okukinosaki's indoor and outdoor baths (tip: save the outdoor bath for last! Listening to the waves crashing against the shore will make falling asleep in your futon all the more easier).

  • For the kids:

  • "Check Out" Some Souvenirs

  • Before checking out the following morning, take it slow with a Japanese breakfast in your room while looking out at the water. Also make sure to pick up some caramel pudding at the gift shop! Takeno is known not only for fresh seafood, but also for salt production, and Takeno's pudding with salted caramel is an absolute must-have for a souvenir.

  • Oyojikan

  • Walking back to the train station doesn't have to be sad! Have one last hurrah in Takeno at Oyojikan, a free museum and rest space on the way back to Takeno Station that houses temporary exhibitions, a vintage photo gallery, and permanent exhibitions about Takeno’s history. Visiting during the Japanese Doll's Day (March) and Children's Day (May) festivals is especially recommended - Takeno's locals gather all of their traditional dolls together to form one marvelous display of antique and handmade dolls among other exhibits. Two Japanese gardens are also situated inside the property of Oyojikan, where visitors can enjoy the historic charred cedar architecture of Takeno alongside lush foliage.

  • And with a few more minutes of walking, your trip to Takeno has come to an end.
    Time to start planning for next year!

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