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Diving Deep into Kinosaki Onsen’s Water Benefits

  • Visitors to Kinosaki Onsen, yukata-clad and hopping from one hot spring to the next, will find more often than not that with every dip into the steaming waters of this ancient resort town, aches grow duller and muscles become looser.

  • A trend of coming to Kinosaki for healing can be seen with a look back at the long history Kinosaki Onsen has as a hot spring town, with visitors making the pilgrimage first to Onsenji Temple, Kinosaki's guardian Buddhist temple, and then to the soothing springs for the past 1,300 years. This phenomenon, while often attributed to the calm ambiance of Kinosaki's mystic hot springs, ultimately lies with the rich mixture of minerals bubbling up from beneath the earth and into the baths.

  • Benefits

    Sodium, calcium, and chloride all claim Kinosaki's waters to be their homes, welcoming hot spring-hoppers daily to relieve their fatigue. All of these elements are said to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of muscle pain, bruising, and tiredness.

Sodium, an electrolyte that is critical to the proper function of the human body, can provide bathers with a plethora of health benefits, including improving circulation of blood and relieving bodily aches and pains. In particular, sodium is said to have a key role in calming muscle aches and regulating muscle movements. Improving the appearance of skin, promoting well-rested sleep, and decreasing inflammation are among the many other reported benefits of sodium. Those with muscle cramping and stiff joints are especially welcome to experience Kinosaki Onsen's sodium-filled hot spring waters, especially after a stroll around town.

Bathing with calcium has been said to be a major factor in increasing healthy blood flow along with the amount of oxygen in the body's blood. In addition to promoting blood flow, calcium can also assist in promoting healthy skin, leaving hot spring-goers with smooth, glowing skin after a soak.

Chloride is said to help those with muscle aches, joint pain, and many skin problems. Thinking of soaking in a hot spring after a hearty meal of Tajima beef or Matsuba crab? Perfect timing, since improving digestion is also among chloride's many reported health benefits.

  • While even a single soak in a hot spring can bestow the gift of many health benefits to a bather, it has been a therapeutic custom since ancient times to spend days or even weeks at hot spring resorts with the goal to relieve ailments and aches.

    During a stay in Kinosaki Onsen, it is highly encouraged to spend at least two nights to fully enjoy the experience of all seven mystic hot springs after making the mountainside pilgrimage to Onsenji Temple to learn about the proper way of bathing in the springs during one's time in town.

  • Canes left behind at Onsenji Temple by healed visitors
    Canes left behind at Onsenji Temple by healed visitors
  • In between hot springs, visitors must also be sure to make pit stops to the multiple free hot spring foot baths dotting Kinosaki Onsen, providing a quick relief for strollers with weary legs and feet. Even after the bathhouses have closed their doors for the day, many footbaths are available to enjoy all through the night.

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