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Barrier-Free in Kinosaki Onsen

  • For centuries Kinosaki Onsen's mystic waters have greeted travellers from all walks of life in a warm hot spring embrace. Dedication to inclusivity has long been one of the principle values of Kinosaki Onsen. When many other baths had refused, tattooed visitors were welcomed without a second thought in Kinosaki Onsen.

    Tattooed visitors aren't the only ones who can enjoy Kinosaki Onsen worry-free: much of the town is accessible to handicapped travellers and those in wheelchairs. Below are some recommendations for barrier-free accommodations and a map of wheelchair-friendly activities in town.

  • Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei

    A classy ryokan with some Western-style guest rooms, an in-house restaurant, reservable private baths, and even a private forest.

    For guests looking for a barrier-free accommodation that comes with all of the luxurious trimmings of a hot spring resort, consider Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei one of the forerunners.

    Sloped areas are available at the entrance and lobby, and all guest room and private dining floors can be accessed by elevator (a rarity in traditional Japanese accommodations).

    Universal Twin guest rooms, on the third and fourth floors, are wheel-chair accessible with large ensuite bathroom & restroom and Western-style beds.

    *Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei's guest baths and private baths are not wheel-chair accessible. Guests with mobility issues who wish to use these facilities should contact Shogetsutei directly to inquire about details.

  • Universal Twin
    Universal Twin
  • Universal Twin
    Universal Twin
  • Universal Twin bath
    Universal Twin bath
  • Reservable private bath
    Reservable private bath
  • Asagirisou

    A lovely inn with sprawling views of the Maruyama River, Asagirisou is equipped with wheelchair ramps, an elevator, and a barrier-free room.

    The wide entry hallway is lined with railings, and three beds, including one with a reclinable back, are in the bedroom for up to six guests. The restroom is wide enough for a wheelchair to enter, and the bath includes a movable chair for ease of motion.

    Asagirisou is also home to one of Toyooka's many stork nesting towers. Spend some time looking out at the the private garden for fresh air and unbeatable views of Oriental White Storks.

  • Barrier-free room
    Barrier-free room
  • Barrier-free room bath
    Barrier-free room bath
  • Barrier-free room toilet
    Barrier-free room toilet
  • Stork nesting tower near Maruyama River
    Stork nesting tower near Maruyama River
  • Shinonomesou

    Right in the heart of Kinosaki Onsen is Shinonomesou, a cozy inn known for their own private pond of koi fish along with their barrier-free room with a private hot spring-style bath.

    Located on the inn's ground floor, this room provides a private stone bath snd futons instead of Western-style beds. From the lobby to the guest room, there are no stairs for smooth movement throughout the ground floor.

    *While wheelchairs can be used for transport to and from the guestroom, they cannot be used inside the room due to the type of tatami mat flooring.

  • Barrier-free room
    Barrier-free room
  • Barrier-free room bath
    Barrier-free room bath
  • Wheelchair ramp in lobby
    Wheelchair ramp in lobby
  • Koi pond
    Koi pond
  • Higashiyamasou

    With Kinosaki's lovely green willows waving a whimsical hello at the entrance, guests will instantly become enchanted with Kinosaki Onsen during a stay at Higashiyamasou. Guests spending the night in the Western-Japanese hybrid room will have wide hallways, a private bath, and railings in the hallway and by the toilet.

    Access from the lobby to the room is quick and seamless with an elevator just a few feet away.

    *Please note that there are a few steps from the room's entryway to the main area.

    *Higashiyamasou can provide a wheelchair with prior reservation.

  • Western-Japanese hybrid room
    Western-Japanese hybrid room
  • Western-Japanese hybrid room
    Western-Japanese hybrid room
  • Western-Japanese hybrid room railings
    Western-Japanese hybrid room railings

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