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Kinosaki Detour: Toyooka’s Retro Architecture

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

A Magical Winter In Kinosaki

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Coexistence And Co-Prosperity: Toyooka’s Preservation Efforts From 1925 To 2021

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Making Waves With Local Fashion: Toyooka’s SDGs Handbag Project

ToyookaKinosaki Inspirations

Sustainability efforts through locally-crafted handbags ……

How One City Brought Back Storks from Extinction by Restoring a Sustainable Environment

ToyookaKinosaki Inspirations

The Oriental White Stork (Ciconia boyciana), a stork species native to East Asia and Southeast Russia with only 3,000 birds remaining in the world, has been considered an auspiciou……

Making Fine Dining Sustainable

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Kinosaki Chefs pioneering Japan’s Food Sustainability Movement -Written by Tourism Garden Alison Roberts-Brown

Top 5 Things to do in Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

If you’re looking on where to start when visiting Kinosaki Onsen, we recommend these 5 quintessential experiences and activities!

Sustainability of Kinosaki Onsen in Toyooka City

ToyookaKinosaki Inspirations

SDGs stands for "Sustainable Development Goals." They are goals that were set by the United Nations at the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit, upholding seventeen goals that ar……

The Maruyama River: an Idyllic Location for Olympic Training

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

See the river where the German and Swiss national rowing teams trained for the Tokyo 2020 Oympics!

“All the world’s a stage” Reviving and Restoring the Performing Arts

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Discover performing arts in this hot spring town...

Celebrate every night with Kinosaki Onsen’s daily summer festivals

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Enjoy some of Kinosaki Onsen’s finest hours, with a plan curated by one of our local experts...

One of Japan’s best beaches, a stone’s throw from Kinosaki

TakenoKinosaki Inspirations

A gem along the northern coast of Hyogo Prefecture. This beautiful beach is among the best and ranked in the top 100 beaches in Japan.