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Unveiling of Toyooka’s Konotori Licca-chan

Toyooka City is pleased to be the proud home to its very own gorgeous Licca-chan doll!

  • Licca-chan, a popular Japanese fashion doll with an extensive history dating back to the 1960s, remains one of the most iconic and popular children's toys in Japan and is also a collector's item among older audiences.

    Konotori Licca-chan (‘Oriental White Stork’ Licca-chan) was meticulously designed and crafted by Honda Yoshito and is now proudly on display at the Toyooka Museum of History.

  • A drafted design of Konotori Licca-chan

  • Themed after Toyooka’s beloved symbol of hope and prosperity, the Oriental White Stork, Honda Yoshito also took inspiration from Izushi Eirakukan Kabuki Theatre’s performance of “Kami no Tori,” a kabuki play with a profound focus on the protection and sacred life of Oriental White Storks.

    Wrapped within a luxurious kabuki-inspired costume, viewers will find that Honda Yoshito paid close attention to the wings of the Oriental White Stork, carefully cutting black and white gradient wings one by one before attaching them to the doll along with braiding golden thread throughout the costume.

A special exhibition displaying over four-hundred Licca-chan dolls including Konotori Licca-chan is on display at the Toyooka Museum of History until August 30, 2022.

We hope that visitors to the exhibition will be able to appreciate the majesty of the Oriental White Stork through an all-new, fashion-forward lense!