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Snowfalls and Soaks: A Winter in Kinosaki Onsen

  • As winter spreads its powdery blanket across the nostalgic townscape of Kinosaki Onsen, local inn owners begin preparations to give a warm welcome to visitors excited for delectable Matsuba Crab feasts, cozy naps under plush futons, and replenishing soaks in legendary hot springs.

    Of course, all of the above activities certainly should not be missed during a snowy stay in Kinosaki Onsen. However, those searching for unique add-on adventures during their holiday hot spring trip need to search no further for insider recommendations. Below, check out four fun ways to add more magic to an unforgettable winter trip to Kinosaki Onsen.

  • 1. Soak in a Snow-Covered Hot Spring

    A wintertime retreat to Kinosaki Onsen presents visitors with a particularly unique, therapeutic experience: a hot spring soak outdoors coupled with a shower of delicate snowflakes. Timing an outside bath with a flurry of snowfall is a magical moment for any visit to Kinosaki Onsen, whether it be in Satono-yu or Goshono-yu, the two public bathhouses in town which provide a roofless, open-air bathing experience, or in one of many private baths provided by multiple accommodations throughout town. If the weather timing is just right, a nighttime soak coupled with snowfall is especially beautiful due to the evening bath lights illuminating the shining water and snow.

  • 2. Walk Across the Powder Blanket Landscape of Takeno's Seaside Village

  • Located just one train stop north of Kinosaki Onsen, the seaside village of Takeno sheds its summertime vibes for an ivory, cozy snowy townscape during the winter months. Instead of going for a swim in the Sea of Japan, those making the journey to Takeno can find themselves slipping through time as they walk past historic "yakisugi" (charred cedar) homes topped with mounds of powdery snow. Once arriving at the beachfront at the end of town, brave the cold for a lovely walk alongside Takeno Beach's snowy spread before hopping into Kitamaekan's seaside hot spring, a favorite with locals and providing panoramic views of the winter ocean.

  • 3. Go Snowshoeing in Kannabe

  • A traditional winter pasttime in North America, snowshoeing has made its way to Kannabe, a ski resort town just south of Kinosaki Onsen. With a trained guide, traverse the snowy valleys of Kannabe with your own pair of snowshoes, an ideal seasonal adventure for beginners not quite ready for skiing or snowboarding. Afterwards, reward your exercise with a quick stop by the local hot spring Yutorogi just beside Kannabe's roadside station.

  • 4. Explore Kumiko Woodworking in Izushi's Winter Wonderland

    Izushi is well-known as a small town brimming with history and culture, and the snowy season is ideal for truly immersing oneself in the locally practiced art of Kumiko. A traditional Japanese woodworking technique in which pieces of wood are assembled together without the use of nails, Kumiko is often implemented when creating cozy lanterns ideal for warming up any cold and dreary space. Under the guidance of a master Kumiko craftsman in Izushi, create your own Kumiko lantern with pre-cut pieces of wood as a special winter travel memento.

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