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A River of Blossoms: Springtime in Kinosaki

A Series of Beginnings

As dustings of pink buds scatter across Kinosaki's trees, eager townspeople flock to the narrow paths alongside the Otani River for a glimpse of one of Kinosaki's most magical sights of the year: the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms are recognized across Japan as an optimistic symbol of rebirth and fresh beginnings, and this sentiment rings especially true for the locals of Kinosaki Onsen.

From its beginnings as a small hot spring resort over one thousand years ago to its struggle to rebuild and reconnect with tradition after the 1925 North Tajima Earthquake, and even in the modern day as new cafes and stores become part of the 1300-year-old townscape, Kinosaki Onsen undoubtedly has had its share of rebirth and new beginnings.

In the midst of constant change and development throughout the centuries, Kinosaki’s cherry blossoms, blooming every year in April, are a consistent reminder that no matter how much change time brings to Kinosaki Onsen, the traditional beauty and ambience of the town will be ever-present for locals and visitors alike.

Must-Try Experiences in Kinosaki Onsen: Cherry Blossom Edition

Sozoro Aruki and Hanami

Sozoro Aruki, literally meaning to wander aimlessly, is one of the best ways to truly immerse oneself in the relaxing atmosphere of Kinosaki during springtime. After donning a colorful floral yukata (light cotton kimono), strolling through the willow and cherry blossom-lined streets of town is an unforgettable experience.

Many businesses decorate their storefronts with cherry blossom decorations, and visitors should be sure to keep an eye out for the many hidden blossom-themed sights scattered throughout town, including intricately designed bridges and even manholes.

Mugiwara Zaiku: Straw Craft Keepsakes

Kinosaki Onsen is home to Mugiwara Zaiku (Straw Craft), a 300-year-old traditional artform with only four master craftsmen alive today.

Pieces of straw are dyed, cut, and placed in intricate designs on wooden boxes, jewelry, chopsticks, and more. Mister Kamiya, one of these remaining craftsmen and the owner of Kamiya Mingei, creates and sells cherry blossom straw craft works every year during springtime.

Portraits, keychains, and other unique products are available to bring home as a souvenir.

Springtime Sweets

Traditional springtime sweets across Japan are usually created with a mochi base made from a mixture of water and rice.

Cherry blossom treats including sakura mochi (sweet rice cake with a red bean filling and pickled cherry leaf) and other Japanese confections like ichigo daifuku (fresh strawberries wrapped inside a sweet mochi and white bean coating) and can be found in many of the gift stores and food vendors lining Kinosaki’s streets, such as Minatoya, a locally run souvenir shop.

It’s recommended to enjoy some of these sweets after a stroll around town, and before a soak in the hot springs!

A Private Car Bound for Cherry Blossom Treasures

Hanami, the Japanese tradition of viewing cherry blossoms with family and friends, is a must-do during any springtime trip to Japan.

Venture beyond Kinosaki Onsen and hanami like a local at the hidden cherry blossom spots in Toyooka City with Gregory, a local guide and taxi driver.

Three fantastic locations await your arrival in a choose-your-own-adventure style of traveling: explore the hidden blooms and natural wonders of Kannabe, stroll through the retro castle town of Izushi, or savor the salty sea air during a cherry blossom-dotted walk through the fishermen's town of Takeno.

Whatever the route, enchanting cherry blossoms will dot the way!

Spring Clean the Soul: Aromatherapy Massages

Have some leftover knots in your back from those pesky winter shivers and chills?

While in Kinosaki Onsen, forget about the house and apartment: instead, consider some spring cleaning for the body and mind.

In between hot springs, indulge in some massage self-care at Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei's Relaxation Salon Fuka, home to a variety of aromatherapy courses ranging from hot stone therapy to full body massages.

After a soothing session infused with your choice of the wonderfully floral aroma oil of lavender, rosemary, cananga, or tea tree, continue your stroll through town as the subtle notes accompany your journey and dazzle your senses.

Budding Memories: Book a Photoshoot in Kinosaki Onsen

In Kinosaki Onsen, a picture can be worth a thousand words - and a thousand cherry blossoms!

After donning a yukata, capture the dreamy Kinosaki memories with a private photo session for you and your loved ones.

Local photographers will guide the way to delightful spots brimming with whimsy unique to a cherry blossom spring.

Scrapbook-worthy snaps under Kinosaki Onsen's canopies of fluttering cherry blossoms will leave you enchanted long after your visit to the charming hot spring town.

A Catch-all for the Best of Kinosaki Onsen: Must-Visits Pass

Available for purchase both online on and in-person at SOZORO Tourist Information Center near Kinosaki Onsen Station, the Must-Visits Pass is your insider go-to for all of Kinosaki's must-see attractions and shops.

Along with access to the Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway, Onsenji Temple, Kinosaki Museum of Art, and Kamiya Mingei (Kinosaki's famous straw craft workshop), you can get special gifts and discounts at certain local businesses by showing your Must-Visits Pass to shop staff.

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