An Adventurer’s Day in Takeno Beach Town

Uncover the hidden charms of this retro fishing village, just one train stop away from Kinosaki Onsen.

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Day 01
Takeno Station
About10min. by foot
Yakisugi Homes
A storybook setting unfolds as soon as visitors step foot off the train at Takeno Station.

Sleepy narrow roads are lined with cozy retro yakisugi (charred cedar) homes, an architectural hallmark of the fishing and beach town.
About10min. by foot
Takeno Beach
The beach is in sight! Feel the sand between your toes and dip your feet into some of Japan's most pristine waters.
About1min. by foot
Kitamaekan Museum
The Kitamaekan building receives its name from the Kita Mae ships that were active until the 1800s, setting sail from Hokkaido and transporting goods to ports around Japan.

Visitors can learn more about this history by checking out Kitamaekan's Kazemachi Museum.
About5min. by foot
Nekozaki Peninsula
Up for a hike? Venture up the nearby Nekozaki Peninsula.

The hike is two hours roundtrip, and the view at the top is unmatched - the northernmost point of Hyogo Prefecture paints the Sea of Japan's aquamarine waters on a mesmerizing panoramic canvas.
About10min. by foot
Kashima Park
Just at the entrance to Nekozaki Peninsula is Kashima Park.

Snap some shots of the ocean before working up a sweat!
45-minute hike
Nekozaki Lighthouse
After many a hill and slope, you made it to the end of the peninsula!
Return hike
About60min. by foot
Kitamaekan Hot Spring
Reward yourself with a seaside soak at the Kitamaekan Hot Spring before returning to Takeno Station.
About20min. by foot
Takeno Station