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Note: Only main events ocurring in Kinosaki Onsen and Toyooka City are posted on this page. Please check our Instagram highlights @visitkinosaki for all events.

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Toyooka Art Season

Toyooka Art Season Autumn/Winter Edition is here! Until March various dance, music, theater, and art events will be held throughout Toyooka City. Those who would like to receiv……

November 18

Tsuiyama Crab Festival in Coastal Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen's fishing port of Tsuiyama will be holding their annual Crab Festival on November 18! The crab festival is held in honor of the local fishermen who work off the ……

October 14~15

Kinosaki Fall Danjiri Festival

In Japan, Danjiri Festivals are also known as "fighting shrine festivals" in which staged battles between elaborately decorated wooden floats in the shape of a shrine or temple ar……

September 29

Kinosaki Onsen Harvest Moon Festival

Visitors to Kinosaki Onsen on September 29 will be treated to a magical evening during the Harvest Moon Festival! Also known as Tsukimi (literally meaning "moon viewing" in Japane……

September 14~24

Toyooka Theater Festival

Madama Butterfly, scheduled to be performed at the Kinosaki International Arts Center © Philip Frowein Toyooka City is ecstatic to announce the annual Toyooka Theater Festival ……

July 28~August 25

Kinosaki Onsen Lantern Festival and Summer Fireworks

Kinosaki Onsen is getting ready for another year of evening summertime fun! From July 28 to August 25, Kinosaki Onsen will be home to nightly fireworks displays and various perfor……

May 30 - June 4

Toyooka Music Festival

The annual festival of music known as "Onpu no Saiten" will be back for 2023 from May 30 to June 4! Dubbed as the "week when Toyooka transforms into a town of music," Onpu ……

April 23-24

Onsen Festival

Kinosaki’s annual Onsen Festival will be held soon on April 23 and 24. Commemorating the work of Dochi Shonin, a Buddhist monk who founded Kinosaki Onsen over 1,300 years ago, ……

Posted 2022/11/14

Dec 24 Crab Santa Event

The annual Crab Santa event in Kinosaki Onsen will be returning for 2022! Gather with friends in front of Kinosaki Onsen Station to receive a special gift from the legendary Cr……

Posted 2022/11/10

Crab Kingdom Shouting Tournament

Start your winter vacation to Kinosaki Onsen off on the right foot by giving thanks to the delicious crab included in many winter Kinosaki meals! Come on down to Kinosaki Onsen……

Posted 2022/11/01

Nov 7~11 Crab Kingdom Festival

Kinosaki Onsen will be holding their annual Crab Kingdom Festival on November 7, with fireworks every night from Nov 7~11! The Crab Kingdom Festival is held to pray for a bount……