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Stork Natural Rice Handbags

  • Toyooka's sustainability initiatives come full circle at a stylish local rice ball shop settled in the center of town.

  • Those passing through central Toyooka City might be lucky enough to stumble upon 58N musubu, a locally renowned rice ball shop. As a lunchtime mainstay in the area, students from the high school across the street and businesspeople from nearby companies can be seen buzzing in and out of this charming neighborhood shop during the afternoon lunch rush.

  • Deliciously unique onigiri (rice ball) recipes ranging from a boiled egg rice ball to a savory spam flavor aren't the only products 58N musubu has to offer its customers–a perfect compliment to 58N musubu's chic and modish ambience, handbags upcycled from Toyooka's Stork Natural Rice sacks are also on display for shoppers to appreciate and purchase.

  • Each rice ball crafted at 58N musubu is made with Stork Natural Rice, special rice grown using a method implemented by Toyooka's farmers to facilitate sustainable and harmonious exchange between the Oriental White Stork's lifestyle and local agricultural interests. Already harboring an interest in handbag design, 58N musubu's owner decided that instead of throwing away the sturdy sacks her Stork Natural Rice came packaged in, a sustainable (and fashionable) waste-reduction solution would be to upcycle the sacks into one-of-a-kind handbags.

Available in various sizes and designs, each bag is its own unique creation, right down to the pattern of the bag's handle.
As a callback to Toyooka's tradition of bag-crafting in combination with the citizens' devotion to the Oriental White Stork, 58N musubu's Stork Natural Rice handbags are a truly profound local creation.