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  • Visit Kinosaki was ecstatic to welcome over 40 influencers and media outlets to Kinosaki Experience this past month, an event held at Japan House LA promoting the wonders and beauty of Kinosaki Onsen and the nearby Izushi castle town!

    Guests who participated ranged from a variety of different mediums and backgrounds, including travel bloggers, fashion models, and influencers with a focus on anime and Japanese pop culture.

    Despite the wide variety of interests and focuses found among the platforms of the guests in attendance, everyone was fascinated by the delicious cuisine tastings run throughout the afternoon and evening. Matsuba Crab, one of Kinosaki Onsen’s many delicacies, was flown in from Japan and carefully prepared by Mister Takahashi, Sanpou Nishimuraya’s head chef, along with other traditional fixings such as locally produced sake, tempura, and wagashi (Japanese desserts), to name a few.

    Mister Shibuya of Jinbe Sara Soba was also in attendance, and graciously displayed his skill in the creation of Izushi Sara Soba with an in-person demonstration. He began at square one, from rolling out the buckwheat dough to finely cutting the noodles which soon found themselves on the guests’ plates.

  • The meal portion of Kinosaki Experience was met with applauds after the open-kitchen demonstrations and continued online via social media posts from influencers in attendance.

    Fashion model Sanne Vloet praised the cuisine and expressed her desire to experience Kinosaki Onsen in person on Instagram:

  • Miss Hitomi of Iroha Yukata Rental, Kinosaki Onsen’s most popular option for renting traditional light cotton kimono amongst tourists, also made the trip to LA and dressed guests in colorful yukata for the event.

    After their meal, guests walked down Hollywood Boulevard in their yukata and filmed in front of the historic TCL Chinese Theater, attracting quite an audience of intrigued onlookers.

    Paris Hikari, a lifestyle blogger with a focus on Japan, expressed her excitement regarding the yukata on her Instagram:

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in promoting our cozy hot spring town overseas in Los Angeles! Our doors are finally open, and we can’t wait to welcome you to experience Kinosaki Onsen's hot springs, yukata, and food culture for yourself!

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