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Homey Stays: Rental Houses and Apartments for Visitors

  • While one of the top tallies to tick on many a visitor's Kinosaki Onsen bucket-list, staying in a traditional Japanese inn (aka a ryokan) may be daunting for introverted travelers or those bringing along a large group of family or friends.

    Sure, most of Kinosaki Onsen's accommodations are indeed among these inns where a cozy, close-knit setting among guests and attentive staff serves as a charming drawing point for some, but those looking for a more private overnight experience need not worry - these guest houses and apartment-style accommodations are the perfect compromise between excellent customer care and abundant personal space:

  • Yu-Kura

  • 5 minutes by walking south from Kinosaki Onsen Station is Yu-Kura, a guesthouse with origins as a warehouse for a local liquor company.

    While its days as a warehouse are gone to history, the two-story building still serves Kinosaki Onsen as a charming, hip accommodation for up to 6 guests.

    Two semi-double beds on the second floor sleep up to four people, and futons can add bedding for an additional 2 guests.

    A first-floor kitchen fully stocked with utensils including a toaster, rice cooker, pots, mugs, and more also opens into an outdoor seating area with its own garden.

    Guests can either enjoy a night out stargazing, or inside watching the living area's flat screen TV.

  • willow.

  • Harking back to the surrounding area’s roots as a willow bag weaving powerhouse, willow. is a condo-style accommodation situated within a revamped bag boutique storefront.

    Each unit is furnished with a kitchen, dining area, and mini library, ensuring extended stay guests a homey base just 2 train stops away from Kinosaki Onsen.

    Modern, sustainable amenities such as natural fiber sheets and bamboo toiletries against a retro 20s-50s setting kindle a charming contrast inside the 3 condominiums.

  • Guest House Nodoka

  • Nestled right in the heart of downtown Toyooka's residential neighborhood, Guest House Nodoka offers visitors to the area a truly local overnight experience just two train stops away from Kinosaki Onsen.

    The renovated property was originally built over 80 years ago, and its past history as a storage house is evident throughout both floors' wooden architecture.

    Visitors looking for a completely private, cooking-friendly getaway are Guest House Nodoka's ideal guests.

    The first floor houses a kitchen equipped with a plethora of supplies including cutlery, pots, pans, and even seasonings.

    On the second floor, up to 6 guests can sleep with 2 semi double beds and additional futons for the tatami mat floor.

  • Yashio

  • One 10-minute train ride north of Kinosaki Onsen lands visitors in Takeno, a beachtown teeming with retro maritime architecture and great seafood cuisine.

    Overnight guests in the area can experience both charming traits with a stay at Yashio.

    Run by two local chefs, Yashio is a guesthouse exclusive to one group per night with close proximity to a secluded beach right across the street.

    A kitchen fully stocked with utensils and appliances perfectly suits a DIY lunch, but dinner at Yashio’s nearby restaurant is definitely recommended for getting a taste of the local seafood scene.

    Up to 6 guests can sleep with 2 single beds and additional futons.

Home-Style Inn Kinoie

  • Just 3 minutes from Kinosaki Onsen Station, this cozy little home in the heart of town welcomes just 1 group per day, ensuring that you have a completely private oasis of relaxation. 2 floors house bedrooms for up to 9 guests, a living room with a massage chair, and a kitchen.

    Road-trippers are also in luck! 2 parking spots in front of the home are ready to use free of any extra charge.

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