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Up Kannabe Ski/Snowboard

Active & Outdoor AdventuresDay Trips Around KinosakiKannabe

Up Kannabe offers four runs and a kids park. There are runs for every level from beginner to advanced. The kids park is perfect for snow activities for kids, including sledding and building snowmen. Beginner and novice skiers and ……

Zazen Experience at Sukyoji Temple

Active & Outdoor AdventuresDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Practice full-fledged Zazen, seated meditation, at this zen temple in Izushi. At the end of your session you are also given the choice to try a special vegetarian dish and a traditional Japanese sweet. Zazen is limited to 10 peo……

Takeno Snorkeling and Visitor Center

Active & Outdoor AdventuresDay Trips Around KinosakiTakeno

Takeno Snorkeling Center was created by the Ministry of Environment to educate on nature and the environment. Volunteer staff run marine life observation classes both on and off shore as well as observation of the underwater envir……

Hike Nekozaki Peninsula

Active & Outdoor AdventuresDay Trips Around KinosakiTakeno

Nekozaki Peninsula, found in Takeno near Takeno Hama Beach, juts out into the Sea of Japan and is the northern-most point in Hyogo Prefecture. Nekozaki in Japanese means crouching cat and looks like such from inland. The locals al……


Active & Outdoor AdventuresDay Trips Around KinosakiKannabe

There are a few paragliding schools in Kannabe where you can take half or full day lessons. Some schools also offer two day courses. You will receive full safety instructions by professional paragliders. For those wishing to fly a……

Uchiyama Beech Forest

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

“Uchiyama Beech Forest,” located in Omiya City, is the largest beech forest in the Northern Kinki region, spanning across a slope of over 450 meters in altitude. This forest is a treasure chest of nature, being the home to not onl……

Kirifuri Waterfall

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Kirifuri Waterfall is a waterfall located at the mountain valley of Shinjo, Amino Town along the Kumihama direction of National Route 178. The waterfall has a width of 4 meters, and height of 21 meters. The falling water hits agai……

Isanagosan Mountain

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Isanagosan Mountain, located in Mineyama Town, has a height of 661 meters, and is famous for being the mountain where the “Swan Maiden,” one of the 7 beauties in Kyotango, landed. This mountain is the origin for the oldest Japan……

Kabutoyama Park Campsite

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

“Kabutoyama Park Campsite,” located in Kumihama City, is a campsite at the base of Kabutoyama mountain with Kumihama Bay around its perimeter. This location hosts various activities, such as camping, auto-camping, barbecue, fishin……

Tenkitenki Mura Auto Campsite

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Camping Season: From April to October Summer Season Camping Fees: From 4,000 yen / site Winter Season Camping Fees: From 1,000 yen / site Reservations: Required

Tenyo no Sato Village

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Tenyo no Sato Village is an interactive facility located at the base of Mt. Isanago, the land of the Swan Maiden, the oldest legend in Japan. The traditional village-house style cottages and the campsite serves as the center for r……