Kinosaki Onsen's founding hot spring inn. Composed of tradition, hot springs, and wooden structures creating the theme of a Grand Old Wooden Inn.


【Plan Details】

【Dinner Contents】
Experience the unique flavors of the season,
savor the distinctive tastes of this land,
and indulge in our creative kaiseki cuisine.
The crab dishes will include ● boiled crab and ● individual crab hot pot, both of which are always included.
Other items encompass steak, seasonal sashimi, tempura, and a total of 12 dishes.
※The menu changes every month (to be notified by the inn), and we will announce the new menu each month.

【Breakfast Contents】
This is a meal that allows you to feel the essence of Tajima's countryside.
・Tofu ・Egg dishes ・ Seasonal sashimi ・Locally caught dried flounder ・Side dishes ・Vegetable salad ・Miso soup ・Rice ・Pickles
(※Some items may be subject to change)

Dinner and breakfast included

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[Plan Details]
Indulge in the flavors of winter with an abundance of crab dishes. Approximately 2 servings of crab will be used, and various cooking methods will be offered.

● Sashimi Crab
● Crab Sukiyaki
● Boiled Crab
● Grilled Crab
● Crab Chawanmushi (Japanese Steamed Egg )
● Crab Rice
● Red Miso Soup

It's a feast of crab in every way. You can also enjoy rice porridge with crab.
Other offerings include an aperitif, appetizer, pickles, and fruits.
* Some items may be subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.
* This plan uses frozen crab.

Experience the essence of Tajima beef in your meal.
・Hot soup Tofu ・Japanese style Omelet ・Sashimi Konjac ・Locally Caught Dried Flounder ・Traditional Home-Style Dish ・Vegetable Salad ・Miso Soup ・Rice ・Pickles
(※ Depending on the day's ingredients, minor changes may occur)

★Relax in the traditional and charming guest rooms that suit the Furuki Yokiyado ambiance.
★Of course, we take pride in our "culinary delights," "room service for breakfast and dinner," and "each item of the dinner is served warm as it's prepared."
★Our hotel is right next to Mandara Hot Spring. Goshono Yu and Kono no Yu are both within a 3-minute walk. You can also use the public bath-hopping ticket for free, as many times as you want.
★All rooms come with a washlet toilet. Hairdryers are provided.
★Air purifiers (Plasmaclusterー25000) are provided in all rooms to keep the air clean and fresh.
★The communal bath offers a wide range of amenities for both men and women.
★You can also use the reserved hot spring baths for free.
★We will place the morning newspaper in your room. (Excluding days of suspension)
★Parking lot is available. Free of charge.

Dinner and breakfast included

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