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LOCATION: Kyotango, Kyoto pref.; 45km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Amino Sta.) and bus or car.


Seasonal cuisine featuring fresh seafood and vegetables of Kyoto, Nadeshiko.

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 14:00〜
Check-out 〜11:00

Yoshinoya is an established inn in a fisherman’s town, called Taiza, located by the Sea of Japan in Kyoto.

The inn is known as a pioneer of crab dishes. Not only Taiza crab but also meat, fish, rice, vegetables and even natural water have been selected trustfully by local people.

Tango's best taste art that intertwines with the best ingredients and the sensibility of chefs is created and called one-in-a-lifetime encounter. The predecessor chef Katsuhiko Fukuyama's skill and mind inherit the previous generation certified as "masterpiece of Kyoto"
It reflects the unforgettable emotions of Taiza and the taste of Japanese cuisine.

There are unique baths, originally designed by an American sculptor, Alexander Wiles, that you never have anywhere else. The Vidro-no-Yu, the open-air bath overlooking the Sea of Japan with artistic stained glass. The Shoren-no-yu, generated atmosphere of Showa era. The Danraku-no-yu, indoor wooden bath for private bathing for 45mins (reservation required)

Let your tired mind be set at ease by our delicious dished and hot spring.

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Yoshinoya is an inn where you can enjoy fresh Japan sea seafood sashimi that is caught in near by port.

Must-eat Fresh assorted sashimi original of Shorenkan Yoshinoya. We take our pride to serve original luxurious dishes focusing on freshness and umami that uses only delicious precious parts of fish. Please enjoy the melting meat, fresh texture, rich flavor that covers all deliciousness of the Sea of Japan. Recommended for those who are looking for delicious seafood, or for visitors who come to Shorenkan Yoshinoya for the first time. -Menu- -Homemade aperitif, -Seasonal appetizers (three kinds), -Fresh sashimi (five kinds), -Seasonal Okowa (rice with red beans), -Deep-fried seasonal ingredients and vegetables, -Hot pot dish (local black chicken and renowned Kujyo green onion, -Charcoal grill of seasonal ingredients and white shells, -Tango Koshihikari Rice, -Japanese pickles and soup, -Dessert, * In order to have you enjoy the best of seasonal ingredients, the contents of the dishes may be subject to change. * As our staff will serve and cordially explain each dish, there is no written menu provided at your table.

  • There are more than 10 different types of seafood dishes serving to your table.

  • An example of breakfast

  • Main building: nostalgic atmosphere of Showa-era

  • [Observation open-air bath] Enjoy the charm of the Sea of Japan which shows the expression of each season.

Additional fee notice
A separate charge for hot spring taxes will be added, JPY150 per person
Cancellation Policy
No show(100%), Day of(100%), 1-2 days before(80%), 3-7 days before(30%)
8-14 days before(10%) Please notify us of any cancellations or changes as soon as possible.

Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 00:00am 1 days

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