Women visiting Kinosaki show favor to our private bath, spa, bedrock bath, and germanium bath.


Tajima Beef Loin Steak 150g Premium Kaiseki Style Plan + One Free Drink

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Tenbouen is a quaint little inn serving brand name cuisine, like Tajima beef (the beef where Kobe beef originates from) and Tsuiyama crab. We have been mentioned in several travel and specialty magazines for our highly popular baths. Many guests stay with us to enjoy our private open-air bath 'Tensui'(Heaven Water), the private bedrock bath, or our bath with germanium minerals. We offer an abundance of special features popular among our female guests, including aroma spas.

Stay in Kinosaki here at Tenbouen with our couple's plan, ladies' plan, or individual plan. These are among a few of our diverse plans to choose from.

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High Quality Beef Loin Steak

Especially recommended for those who love to eat meat more thancrabs. Carefully selected 150g of Tajima beef sirloin steak per person is including in this special plan. Do not miss this special opportunity to experience "real taste" Choosable options 1. Daily original plate for your dinner 2. One drink service (beer or soft drinks) 3. Color yukata rental for both men and women. Choose one of them from above and leave a comment on booking page. -- Dinner menu – - Selected Tajima beef sirloin steak (150g), - Special meat tempura, - Daily sashimi, - Handmade appetizer, - Refreshing special dish, - Seasonal carpaccio, - Steamed egg custard, - Cooked white rice Kamameshi, - Broth soup, - Japanese pickles, - dessert, The menu is subject to change. - Dinning location varies depending on the room type you choose -please be sure to check a type of your room you booked. --Breakfast— - Breakfast will be served in dinning “Wagokoro” where is newly renovated on January 2017 for all guests. Please enjoy our volume beef and pork sukiyaki breakfast. Breakfast will be served at the dinning “Wagokoro” for all guests from 8:30 – 9:15. (Check out at 10:00) It is not available before 8:30, Thank you for your understanding. 【Free service】 -Stone sauna (ask at the reception) -Free colorful rental Yukata and goods for female guests -Free parking lot in premises(available from 13 :00) -Yumepa (free onsen pass for 7 public bath houses) -Free aroma steam pot and oil (orange, grapefruits, wood, mint, lavender) -Free shuttle to center of onsen town (approximately 15minute walk) 【Fee service】 Reservation is required for those wonderful options below. Please contact by phone or e-mail -Open air private rose petal bath “Tensui” ¥2,160/40mins limited for 5 groups a day (for 2 to 3 people) -Other beverage (such as soft drink, Sake, wine, local beer) will be served at lounge. -Esthetics room ¥4,500/30mins -Decoration cake from ¥1,500 for 2-3 people (2 days prior reservation required)

Example of Breakfast (it is subject to change)

Private Stone Sauna for women

Additional fee notice
Prices and charges for guests that have chosen the one day lunch plan (are not spending the night):
Children 7~12 receiving the same lunch as adults will be charged the same price as an adult.
Children 7~12 receiving a kid's plate will be charged JPY 2,500
Children 7~12 staying the day with out a meal will be charged JPY 2,000 for facility and service charges.

Children under 7 year old receiving the same lunch as adults will be charged the same price as an adult.
Children under 7 years old receiving a kid's plate will be charged JPY 2,500
Children under 7 years old staying the day with out a meal are free of charge (JPY 0)
About service fees and taxes
Extra charges that incur with all lodging in Kinosaki, in addition to regular lodging fees, are listed below:
Bath admission fees JPY 210
Hot spring taxes JPY 150
Total of JPY 360 will be added to all bills
Cancellation charges
Cancellation fees per person:
(No show(100%), Day of(100%), 1 day before(80%), 2 days before(50%), 3~14 days before JPY 30%))
Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 00:00am 0 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation