Renovated in July of 2008 with the theme of quiet calmness. An inn with meals homemade with the good fortune of the sea.


Plan includes two 1 kg of crabs per person. Enjoy these large-sized crabs with natural sweet flavor. If you could not finish eating up, it would serve to breakfast or take away. (Extra charge for container box) Free coffee at dinning "Nagomi Dokoro"

Dinner and breakfast included

「Matsuba Crab Full Course(〜2018年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

This combination of three bowls of crabs "baked crab" "crab stab" "crab tempura" "crab noodle" is the most popular among 2 people, there is a response to eat a crab amount per item, Oka kun Even better! "Grilled crab" prepares a special grill net that will burn plump without radiating with radiant heat and water vapor! Fried "crab tempura" is a great item to taste the rich sweetness of the crab spreading throughout your mouth! 1 cup of coffee per person With outside hot water bath ticket included

Dinner and breakfast included

「3 Crabs for 2 Guests! Grilled Crab,Crab Sashimi ,Tempura of the Crab & A hot pot with Crab.(〜2018年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

This plan is not only specialized in crabs but also other dishes such as quarter crab, a portion of hot pot, crab flavored with black pepper and garlic grilled on earthenware utensils , grilled fish, fish sashimi, salad and prawn tempra.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Weekday Special Plan with Crab Kaiseki.(〜2018年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る