Izushi Sara Soba ‘Mikura’

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Try this Izushi specialty

In Izushi castle town, brimming with atmosphere and nostalgic to the Edo era, enjoy this famous local buckwheat noodle dish, Izushi ‘Sara’ soba. Made from carefully-selected domestic buckwheat flour and fresh high-quality Izushi water, Mikura’s Izushi Sara Soba is all diligently crafted using traditional methods by skilled artisans.

Made from natural Rishiri kelp, Mikoji bonito, and a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin; the method for making the soba’s dipping sauce has been carefully refined since the restaurant’s founding in 1994. Enjoy your soba with a generous drenching in their specialty dipping sauce.

Soba-making Experience

Not only can you order a tasty soba dish at the restaurant, but you can also experience a soba-making lesson, instructed by the soba-masters of Mikura themselves! Under the shop owner’s guidance, this fun and challenging experience can be enjoyed by couples, families, and friends alike.

After the experience, enjoy eating your very own freshly-made soba!

How to make Soba noodles

Truly anyone can do it. Here we'll show you a glimpse of how. It only takes a day to learn, but years to master!

Mix the soba flour with hands until it hardens

Once it hardens, ball into one large lump

Roll until the surface of the ball is smooth

Flatten out the ball with a rolling pin. Sprinkle flour on the dough at regular intervals, this evens out the consistency

Keep rolling the dough

Roll until the flattened dough is about 1 millimeter thick and crepe-like

Fold the dough several times

The completed soba 'crepe'

Slice the soba into 1 mm noodles with a special blade

Boil with plenty of water

Drain the soba and...

... bon appétit!

Information listed below was last updated 04/2021 and is subject to change. Contact the business directly for updated information. Note, most businesses can only speak Japanese.


Business Name
Izushi Sara Soba Mikura
Restaurant Type
Business Hours
10:00 to 18:00
Holidays / Closed
Irregular holidays
129-19 Kobito, Izushi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
Average Price Range
900 to 1,500 yen
Payment Accepted
Cash, credit card
Distance from_Station
20 minutes by bus from Toyooka Station, then a 2-minute walk from the bus stop
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


Number of Seats
86 Seats
Private Dining Rooms
Smoking / Non-smoking
No smoking (a smoking area is located outside)
Space / Facilities
5 Tables (4 tables seating 4 people each, 1 table seating 2 people), 15 tatami room seatings (4 tables seating 6 people each, 11 tables seating 4 people each)


Not available
Not available
Course / Sets
Set menus available for groups/organizations: (booking must be made at least 3 days in advance)

Sara soba noodles, 3 pieces of sushi, Aemono (Japanese vegetable side dishes) and Manju (steamed red bean bun) – 1,100 yen

Sara soba noodles, boiled fish, 5 pieces of sushi, Aemono (Japanese vegetable side dishes) and Manju (steamed red bean bun) – 1,650 yen
Soft drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages
Izushi Sara Soba noodles
Menu Languages
English and Japanese menus available


30 car parking spots and 3 bus spots
Service Charges