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Bar Seven

Donmai – Sake Bar

Gourmet dining – Tomiya

A traditionally styled Japanese pub featuring creative cuisines made with locally-caught fish and locally-raised Tajima beef.


A yakitori (grilled skewer) restaurant where food is cooked on an iron griddle. Enjoy various fresh and tasty flavors from different parts of the chicken. We have hot pot, rice, a……

Amano – Izakaya


An izakaya with original skewers made with prized, local ingredients such as Tajima chicken, Yoka pork, and Japanese black cattle (wagyu). ……

Morime Shokudo

A small restaurant serving Hawaiian, Taiwanese, and Japanese dishes.


A popular local ramen shop that seats 10 people, counter only. Choose from various flavors of ramen from the menu with a pork soup base. A popular flavor is the spicy ramen. ……


You can try Asian beers, Thai whisky, and more! Relax and enjoy the Asian food in this cozy Japanese style pub.


One of Toyooka’s few standing style izakaya. Try Nagi’s “Yogan-Yaki” -- Tajima steak roasted on a hot lava stone. Try the oden, a Japanese one-pot dish with various ingredients st……


A small snack bar-style izakaya located on the 3rd floor of the Grandia Building. Sing karaoke with other patrons while you enjoy your drink and some light bar snacks. ……


Kagura is an izakaya that specializes in seafood. Dishes feature fresh, locally caught seafood at reasonable prices. Try the mixed sashimi platter, fresh oysters that pair well wi……


A stylish and modern soba restaurant specializing in handmade Izushi soba. Aside from soba, the menu also includes a wide range of side items and small plates that are a good acco……


Hakata-style grilled skewers are finely-cut pieces of pork and chicken with various vegetables of your choice, pierced on skewers, grilled on a direct flame, applied with an origi……

Michikake Wine Shop

A wine shop known for their Oriental White Stork wine, created with local grapes.


Come and try some delicious drinks with a variety of small side dishes.


Yunosato Douri is the main street of Kinosaki's night life. Coffee and whiskey AYAME. We welcome you with heartfelt hospitality in our traditional Japanese kimono wear. VIP room ca……


Enjoy soft, plump okonomiyaki with pan fried noodles and sliced pork. We recommend an ice-cold glass of draft Ebisu beer on tap any time of the year.