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Snow Crab Season in Kinosaki

  • As we wrap up a chilly November, snow crab season is in full swing here in Kinosaki!

    The Matsuba-gani, or snow crab, is a local delicacy caught in the waters just north of Kinosaki from November to March. Locals and tourists alike praise the taste of snow crab for its unique sweetness and ability to go with a variety of other dishes.

Kinosaki's crab season isn't just famous for Matsuba-gani! Its smaller (but just as delicious!) female snow crab counterpart, the Seko-gani, is filled with approximately 100,000 red roe eggs which are coveted by the local seafood connoisseurs.

The Matsuba-gani caught near Tsuiyama Fishing Port are particularly coveted, and are only available to be eaten from November 6th to March.

Wintertime visitors to Kinosaki are highly encouraged to experience the taste of Matsuba-gani and Seko-gani during their time in town, either through a delicious and luxurious kaiseki dinner or while stopping by a local restaurant for a cozy authentic meal with family or friends!

  • Check out this lively auction for the wildly-popular snow crab!

    (By Kouta Shima)

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