Kinosaki Inspirations

Rural Homestays: Minshuku in the Kannabe Highlands

  • Like Visiting Grandma and Grandpa, but in Japan

    Ditch the mega hotels and go local with an overnight stay at one of the many charming minshuku accommodations dotting the Kannabe Highlands.

    Where is Kannabe? Just a 20-minute train ride south of Kinosaki Onsen, and home to three ski resorts, various trekking trails, and cozy lodging known as "minshuku."

  • What is a “minshuku?” How is it different from a hotel or a ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen?

    Staying at a Japanese minshuku, like staying at a ryokan, is all about the experience.

    Unlike a basic business hotel providing run-of-the-mill amenities like a buffet breakfast and maybe some fancy toiletries, minshuku accommodations are countryside inns usually in mountain towns that strive to deliver the comforts of home to their guests.

    Think home-cooked meals, close-knit quarters, and friendly conversation with fellow guests and the inn owners, all wrapped up in a forest green bow.

    Shared spaces and shared bathrooms are also the norm at minshuku accommodations.

  • The Kannabe Highlands just south of Kinosaki Onsen flourishes with minshuku spread across its mountainous terrain, catering to winter skiers and green season adventurers alike.

  • Find your home away from home


  • A 2-minute walk from Nashikichushajo Bus Stop, Kougentei is a small 11-room minshuku inn catering to families, friend groups, and school trips.

    Breakfast and dinner are cooked with local ingredients and heart, served in a large dining hall to encourage communication between guests - so feel free to chat up the table next to you!

    All meals are Japanese cuisine, ranging from Matsuba crab in the winter to mouth-watering Tajima beef year-round.

    The green season welcomes guests to kick back at Kougentei's outdoor barbecue garden where delectable smoked meat and veggies are shared around the grill.

  • Nashikisou

  • 5 minutes away by walking from Nashikichushajo Bus Stop, Nashikisou welcomes guests to a night in 8 rooms bursting with Japanese allure.

    From the tatami mat flooring to delightful collections of vintage treasures adorning the walls and tables, Nashikisou’s rustic rural charm doesn’t end in the rooms - meals served to guests are farm-to-table, cooked with homegrown vegetables from Nashikisou’s very own garden.

    With 3 nearby tennis courts and a golf course, Nashikisou's owners hope that with every visit to their minshuku, guests take a breath and enjoy the clear skies and clean air of the Kannabe Highlands.

  • Shinya

  • 2 minutes walking distance from Nashiki Bus Stop, Shinya is a minshuku happy to greet guests whether they be solo travelers or large group excursions.

    10 rooms provide ample space for groups of all sizes to spend the night, and an outdoor barbecue terrace serves as a perfect spot for an evening get-together after a long day of outdoor adventures.

    A 5-minute stroll from Shinya is Hattan Falls, a stunning waterfall and the perfect backdrop for a photo commemorating your visit to the Kannabe Highlands.

    After a visit to the Falls, consider rejuvenating your muscles with a session in Shinya’s outdoor sauna - a favorite in the winter.

  • Liberty House Gonbe

  • Liberty House Gonbe is equipped with 12 guest rooms, a public dining hall, and a barbecue terrace.

    Meal plans range from Tajima beef, Matsuba crab, and special barbecue courses for a casual night with the family or friends.

    Liberty House Gonbe is 5 minutes away from Nashikichushajo bus stop, but visitors weary from travel are welcome to request pickup from JR Ebara station.