Building Revitalization

Located on Caban Street in Toyooka, Todohyo is a complex of renovated historical buildings dating back to approximately 100 years ago.

Originally Toyooka City’s premier high-class restaurant and event venue, what is now modern-day Todohyo is known amongst locals as a hip space for contemporary events utilizing traditional Japanese architecture.

Events include concerts, DJ events, coffee tastings, and various educational classes.

Those interested can check Todohyo’s event schedule on the homepage here.

A Community Effort

Throughout the renovation process, local students have spent their summer vacations at Todohyo while volunteering their time and assistance towards repairing, renovating, and revitalizing Todohyo’s rooms.

todo bien coffee

Todo bien coffee on the first floor of Todohyo is part-cafe-part-boutique, welcoming customers to come in for a cup of coffee and some sweets while browsing through their selection of locally produced crafts for sale.

Todo bien coffee’s mascot, a friendly walrus with a love for coffee, has their own line of products available for purchase as well.

Fun fact: Todohyo and todo bien coffee receive their names from the Japanese word for “walrus,” which is “todo.”


Business Name
Business Hours
Todohyo: 10:00~22:00
todo bien coffee: 11:00~16:00, 18:00~22:00

This site is in Japanese.

Language Support
Limited availability of English speaking staff