Kounotori Honpo

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Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Toyooka

Kounotori Honpo is located right next to the Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork, just a short car-ride away from Kinosaki Onsen. Products ranging from Stork Natural Rice, ice cream, and locally-crafted woodwork are available for purchase.


Kounotori Honpo is actively engaging in various sustainability efforts including promoting nearby businesses and using locally-sourced ingredients for their in-house cafe, cícogna.

Recommended Souvenirs

  • Toyooka Kaban

    Only bags which satisfy Toyooka Kaban’s stringent standards are marked with Toyooka Kaban’s logo. This renowned handbag brand has select designs available for sale at Kounotori Honpo.

  • Stork Natural Rice
    Locally-produced rice grown with sustainability and stork-friendly environmental initiatives in mind. Learn more about Stork Natural Rice here!
  • Kinosaki Coffee
    Coffee expertly produced by the staff at Miharashi Terrace Cafe in Kinosaki.
  • Kounotori Egg Bolo

    Popular among toddlers and infants, egg bolo are egg-flavored biscuits that are easy to chew and good for light snacking.

  • Genbudo Rice Crackers
    High-quality rice crackers made with sticky rice, tamba black soybeans, salt, soy sauce, and nori (dried seaweed).
  • Kounotori Vinegar
    Vinegar created with ingredients such as salt, yuzu fruit, and Stork Natural Rice from Tajima (northern Hyogo Prefecture).



  • Kani Senbei

    Senbei, traditional Japanese crackers, come in many different flavors. Available flavors include crab, black beans, and nori (seaweed).

  • Woodwork Sculptures
    Small Oriental White Stork sculptures carved from wood are the perfect conversation pieces for when you return from vacation.
  • Oriental White Stork Plushies
    Available as a keychain or as a small stuffed animal, these plushies fit in the palm of your hand and are a great gift for children!

Outdoor Fun

A photo with Kou-chan, Toyooka’s loveable Oriental White Stork mascot, is another great way to commemorate your visit to Toyooka and Kinosaki!

Visitors are also welcome to hop into a model stork nest and take some memorable snaps at the “happiness ring,” A photo-op frequented by those who are expecting a child or hope to become pregnant.

Fun fact: The title of the “happiness ring,” or 幸のトリング photo-op is actually a play on words–the pronunciation of 幸のトリング is a phonetic mix of the Japanese words for “stork” and “ring!”




In-House Cafe Cicogna

After shopping for some souvenirs, feel free to pop into Kounotori Honpo’s very own cafe, Cicogna. Relax in the charming interior with a beautiful view of the Japanese countryside as you wait for your meal cooked from locally-sourced ingredients.


Business Name
Kounotori Honpo
Business Hours
Holidays / Closed
14-2 Shounji, Toyooka, Hyogo 668-0814

This site is in Japanese.

Payment Accepted
Distance from Station
20 minute drive from Kinosaki Onsen
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


Free Parking Lot