Higurashi Coffee

Toyooka's Premier Coffee Cafe

Higurashi Coffee has been at the forefront of Toyooka’s cafe scene since opening its doors in 1930. As the oldest coffee shop in town, Higurashi Coffee is said to be responsible for introducing the area to coffee culture. Customers can buy whole or ground beans, roasted in the back of the shop for added local freshness. The original wood burning roaster, handmade by Higurashi Coffee’s founder himself, is still in use today.

Relaxed Indoor Dining

Customers can relax in the vintage-style seating area next to the coffee counter and admire the homey ambience of this local coffee joint. While you are waiting, see if you can spot some cicada objects hidden on the shelf.
Fun fact: Due to the constant chirping of cicadas surrounding the shop when it first opened, the owner decided to name the cafe “Higurashi,” the Japanese word for “cicada.”

Sustainability Efforts

Higurashi Coffee is currently in partnership with a local handbag artisan through a project involving transforming imported coffee bean sacks into handbags.

Higurashi Coffee imports beans from multiple countries across the world for their variety of blends including Ethiopia, Brazil, and Colombia. The beans arrive with their rich flavors and wonderful aromas in burlap sacks printed with imagery and wording distinct to each country of origin, presenting a unique opportunity to combine waste reduction with Toyooka’s famous bag-making industry.


Business Name
Higurashi Coffee
Business Hours
Store: 10:00-18:00
Dining Area: 10:00-17:00 (Last Order 16:30)
Holidays / Closed
Every Tuesday

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Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.