Higashiyama Park

A Leisurely Walk With A Perfect View

Visitors looking for a low-impact outdoor adventure close to Kinosaki are welcome to walk up the path to Higashiyama Park.

Located two blocks down from Jizo-Yu near the train tracks lies a small wooded entrance with a paved pathway leading up to the park. As one continues walking, the path eventually forks into two—a wide paved road passing through a picnic area before arriving at the park, or a rugged dirt path with natural branch steps.

Along with scenic places to relax and picnic, Higashiyama Park also provides visitors with unparalleled views of the Maruyama River, the Sea of Japan, Kinosaki Onsen, and the JR San’in Main Line.

From the three-tiered observation tower located in the park’s center, visitors can relax, watch trains, and admire the riverside views.