Hasakari Rock and Kirihama Beach

Hasakari is local dialect that roughly translates to “stuck” or “to be wedged between”. The three rocks used to be one large rock with a cave that had been eroded by the waves. Further erosion caused the upper part of the cave to collapse and become stuck, creating the current natural “art” formation. You can easily see Hasakari Rock from the road that runs along the coast. On days with nice weather you can rent a bicycle from JR Takeno Station or the tourist information center by the beach and take a scenic ride along the coast to see the rock. Another nice thing to do is to pack some things for swimming. Weather and water conditions permitting, there is a nice swimming beach nearby called Kirihama. It is also point of interest and is listed as part of the San’in Kaigan Geopark.

Hasakari Rock

Hasakari Rock can easily be seen from the roadside.

Kirihama Beach

Nearby is Kirihama Beach. A good portion of the water is shallow and perfect for children.

Yodo Cave (Monster Cave)

At the end of Kirihama Beach near Hasakari Rock is a small cave. Depending on the tide it can be possible to walk right up to the mouth of the entrance.

According to legend, there once was an ogre who came to the coast and saw a part of it that he wanted to take back to his birthplace. So, he took his staff and smashed out a piece of the coastline. The Sea God was not happy when he saw what the ogre had done. Thus he dragged the ogre out into the sea as punishment. Nowadays, you can still see the fallen rocks near the cave where the ogre tried to steal a piece of the coast for himself.


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