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Nakahama Beach

Natural WondersActivities & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Nakahama Beach, located in Tango Town, is a small beach at the northernmost point of Kyoto. The beach is next to the Nakahama Port, with shallow waters, a sea wall, and calm waves.

Hei Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Hei Beach, located in Tango Town, is one of the beaches included in “Tango Matsushima”, where visitors can enjoy fishing by the rocks. This beach is 5 minutes away by car from “Ukawa Onsen, Yoshino-no-Sato (Village),” where day-……

Takano Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Takano Beach, located in Tango Town, is a quaint, hidden beach spot. The beach is next to the Takano Port, overlooking Cape Inugasaki, and is equipped with a seawall, allowing for a nice fishing excursion.

Tateiwa & Nochigahama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Tateiwa & Nochigahama Beach, located in Tango Town, is located directly by the most famous geo-spot of Kyotango, “Tateiwa.”  “Hashiudo-so,” a lodge that welcomes hot spring bathers for day trips, is also nearby, and the beach is ……

Hakoishihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Hakoishihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a popular destination for beachgoers for its clear water and white sand. To the back of the beach is a small hill called Tango Sand Dune, which is a beautiful spot to gaze at the ……

Kamaihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kamaihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, has a sea wall which allows gentle waves and shallow water. The fine, white sand is beautiful, making the beach feel like a private beach.

Kotohikihama Asobi Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kotohikihama Asobi Beach located in Amino Town is a beautiful beach located on the eastern end of Kotohikihama with Singing Sand. This beach is also a shore reef area, where children can play in the reef.

Kotohikihama Kakezu Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kotobiki-hama, Kakezu Beach is a famous beach located in Amino Town most known for its “Singing Sand,” and is often includes in the top 100 lists of tourist destinations. Kotobiki-hama was also designated by the nation as a Natura……

Shotenkyo & Kazuranohama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Shoutenkyo & Kazura-no-hama Beach Shoutenkyo Bridge, Kazura-no-hama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a beach with beautiful shores with a beautiful sandbank called Shotenkyo Bridge that divides Kumihama Bay and the Sea of……

Yuhigaura Beach (Hamazume Yuhigaura Beach)

Natural WondersKyotango

“Yuhigaura,” located in Amino Town, is a town famous as an area to see beautiful sunsets. The moment right before the sun begins to set, the golden reflection on the ocean surface is like a beautiful mirror. Stretching along the s……

Kotohikihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

“Kotohikihama Beach”, which is famous as a beach with singing sand, is a scenic spot with white sand and pine trees which goes on for 1.8 kilometers. This location is also designated by the nation as a Natural Monument and Scenic ……

Kobama Beach Campsite

Natural WondersActivities & Outdoor AdventuresKyotango

Camp Season: From Mid-July to Mid-August Nightly Camping Fees: 2,000 yen / tent (these is a separate fee for parking) Reservations: Advanced reservations are not needed (first-come, first-serve basis on the day of)……