UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.


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<Main>[One Night Lodging With 2 Meals] "Special full course" include 2.5 crabs and fresh crab sashimi★Meals delivered to Guest room★

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.
There are 5 Japanese-style rooms and most of them have an egg chair.
These new rooms provide a relaxing stay.
In addition, the inn has a cafe on the first floor, so you can have drinks and dinner in youryukata (cotton kimono, traditional Japanese dress supplied by the inn)

[Main Building Accommodation Plan]
Dinner: Special Crab Full Meal
Breakfast: Japanese breakfast

This: This plan includes two meals and one night's lodging. If you are hesitating, and don't know which plan to choose, this is the right one!
★The most popular crab full-course plan.★

Basically, dinner and breakfast are served in the room. Depending on the situation, we may ask you to move to a different private room, but please understand that there is no change in having customers eat alone.

■Dinner time■
Crab dishes take time, so this plan starts at 17:30, 17:45, and 18:00 (we will ask you when you check in) If you arrive after 18:00 ,dinner may not be available. Please refrain from drinking drinks purchased at convenience stores, etc. during dinner.
Kinosaki's domineering "crabs" and "open-air bath tour"

The inn is full of a homely atmosphere, allowing you to relax while enjoying Kinosaki Onsen.
It is a convenient location for visiting hot springs and walking around town.☆

■ Tsuchiya Ryokan's most popular crab-full course plan
☆ Luxuriously prepare crab in various ways such as sashimi, boiled, grilled, hot pot, and fried! Relax in your room and enjoy it to your heart's content.

■Dinner menu■
Vinegar appetizer
Boiled crab
Steamed egg custard with crab
Grilled crab on a ceramic plate
Crab shell miso
Crab large hotpot
Crab Tempura
Crab porridge
Seasonal dessert

*Basic conditions of purchase, some contents may differ.
*Grilled crab miso shell serves two people.
*Approximately 2.5 crabs are used

■Dinner time■
Crab dishes required time to prepare, so the dinner time will start at 17:15, 17:30, 17:45 and 18:00
(We will ask you when you check-in.) If you arrive after 18:00, we may not be able to prepare dinner.

Breakfast is a Japanese breakfast with grilled fish, boiled tofu, and small bowls. We use Koshihikari rice from Kinosaki, delivered directly from contracted farmers.

■Check-in starts at 15:00■
There is no need to contact us even if you are going to be late for the check-in time specified at the time of reservation application. Your reservation will not be canceled if you are late, but please contact us by phone if it is after 17:00. Please notice that if you arrive after 18:00, dinner may not be available. If you arrive early, we will keep your luggage and car.

■ Accommodation Benefits ■
★Two private baths (family baths) are free of charge; no reservation is required.
Please turn over the bath tag at the entrance and enter during the vacant time.
○Available hours: 7:00-10:00, 15:00-22:30

★7 Outdoor bath free pass
Speaking of Kinosaki Onsen, there are seven open-air baths! You can enter as many places as you like with an outdoor bath-free pass!
"Mandala no Yu" is a 30-second walk away. It is a 3-minute walk to "Goshonoyu" and the popular "Kounoyu."
〇Validity Period/From 15:00 at the day of check-in to 15:30 the next day

★One UTSUROI Café drink as a gift
UTSUROI, located in front of the hotel, offers home-roasted coffee, lattes, etc., that are carefully selected by the director. Order a drink of your choice during your stay.

■Confirmation required before booking■
〇There is no need to contact the hotel even if you are likely to be late for the check-in time specified at the time of reservation application. There is no reservation cancellation due to being late, but if it is past 17:00, please get in touch with us by phone.
If you arrive early, we will keep your luggage and car. The last check-in is at 18:00; the last dinner is at 18:00
〇For those who come by car, there is a free parking lot in front of the hotel. No reservation is required.

■Childen are not allowed to stay in the main building.

[Main Building] Wooden three-story / Japanese-style room (toilet: with Western-style washlet). Guest rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. No elevator.

Additional fee notice
Children 7~12years(70% charge of adults)
Children 1~6(w/meals and bedding) JPY 6,600
Children 1~6(w/meals) JPY 4,950
Children 1~6(w/bedding) JPY 3,300
Children 0~2(no meals/no bedding) JPY 1,100
About service fees and taxes
Toyooka City Bathing Tax/Bathing Fees

This is a tax levied on bathing guests. It is a special purpose tax to cover the expenses required for tourism promotion; protect and manage facilities for mineral spring sources and firefighting facilities. The mineral spring bathhouse owner becomes responsible to collects it from the bathing guests.

Bathing tax
All wards: Adults 150 yen; Children are tax exempt.

Bathing fee
Yushima Ward: Adults 280 yen; Children 140 yen.
Out of the ward: Adult 300 yen; Child 150 yen.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 23:00 0 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation