UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.


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【Annex × Group】: 1 Night with 2 Meals - Indulge in Luxury with a Special Crab and Tajima Beef Shabu-Shabu Kaiseki Dinner, ★ Along with a Boat Platter, and Enjoy UTSUROI Café Breakfast

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.
There are 5 Japanese-style rooms and most of them have an egg chair.
These new rooms provide a relaxing stay.
In addition, the inn has a cafe on the first floor, so you can have drinks and dinner in youryukata (cotton kimono, traditional Japanese dress supplied by the inn)

【Annex】Accommodation Plans

Dinner: Crab × Tajima Beef Kaiseki + Sashimi Boat Platter
Breakfast: UTSUROI Cafe Morning

This plan includes one night stay with two meals.
"Savor the ultimate luxury of Tajima Beef × Crab × Fresh Fish" all at once!

For breakfast, enjoy a Western-style breakfast at UTSUROI Cafe ☆

Perfect for families and groups with children looking for accommodations for a family trip ☆
The Tsuchiya Annex "Hanare" is the ideal choice!

◎ Dinner will be served in a separate room in the main building.
Breakfast will be provided at UTSUROI Cafe.

■ Dinner ■

-----------< Menu >-----------
  Homemade Pre-Meal Aperitif
★ Assorted Sashimi Boat Platter(6 varieties)
★ Grilled Crab on Ceramic Plate
★ Premium Tajima Beef Shabu-Shabu (Large Pot)
Assorted Vegetables from Tajima
Kinosaki-produced Koshihikari rice
pickled side dish
Homemade Desserts

*Note: Some details may vary depending on the day's ingredients.
*Please refrain from bringing beverages purchased at convenience stores or elsewhere during dinner.

< Dinner Time >
Dinner will be served from 5:30 PM or 6:00 PM. (We will confirm during check-in)
If your arrival is after 6:00 PM, dinner may not be available.

■ Breakfast ■
For breakfast, we offer a Western-style breakfast at UTSUROI Cafe. Choose your 【preferred drink】 and either 【Butter Toast】 or 【French Toast】. Enjoy a selection of beverage (about 20 options), including freshly brewed coffee, tea, and various soft drinks!

★☆★☆★ Accommodation Privileges ★☆★☆★

【1】Complimentary use of two private baths (family baths)! *No reservation required
Feel free to use the baths during available times by flipping the bathing card at the entrance. There are no private baths available in the annex. Please proceed to the main building.
○Available hours: 15:00 to 22:30, 7:00 to 10:00

【2】Free access to external baths!
When it comes to Kinosaki Onsen, there are seven famous public baths! You can use the external bath tickets provided to enjoy any of them.
〇Validity period: From 15:00 on the day to 15:30 the next day.

▼ Please Confirm Before Making a Reservation ▼

〇If you anticipate being late for the designated check-in time specified during the reservation application, there is no need to contact us. While there is no cancellation for delays, if it is expected to exceed 5:00 PM, please contact us by phone. If you plan to arrive early, we can store your luggage and car.

Final check-in is at 6:00 PM, and the last dinner service begins at 6:00 PM.

〇Dinner will be served in the main banquet hall. Please note that you will need to climb the stairs to the 3rd floor. If you have difficulty walking, please consult with us.

〇For those arriving by car:
There is a free parking lot in front of our facility. No reservation is required.

〇There is no WIFI in the annex.

◆--◇◆◇Introduction of Tsuchiya Annex "Hanare Building"◇◆◇--◆


:On the 2nd floor, there are two Japanese-style rooms (16 tatami mats, 2 connected rooms) and one Japanese-style room (10 tatami mats).
:On the 3rd floor, there is one Western-style twin room.
In total, there are three rooms in one building.


Additional fee notice
Children 7~12years(70% charge of adults)
Children 1~6(w/meals and bedding) JPY 6,600
Children 1~6(w/meals) JPY 4,950
Children 1~6(w/bedding) JPY 3,300
Children 0~2(no meals/no bedding) JPY 1,100
About service fees and taxes
Toyooka City Bathing Tax/Bathing Fees

This is a tax levied on bathing guests. It is a special purpose tax to cover the expenses required for tourism promotion; protect and manage facilities for mineral spring sources and firefighting facilities. The mineral spring bathhouse owner becomes responsible to collects it from the bathing guests.

Bathing tax
All wards: Adults 150 yen; Children are tax exempt.

Bathing fee
Yushima Ward: Adults 280 yen; Children 140 yen.
Out of the ward: Adult 300 yen; Child 150 yen.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 23:00 0 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation