UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.


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<Main>[One Night Lodging With 2 Meals] "Standard dinner course" include 1.5 crabs. ★Meals delivered to Guest room★

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

UTSUROI TSUCHIYA ANNEX is newly opened in October 2018.
There are 5 Japanese-style rooms and most of them have an egg chair.
These new rooms provide a relaxing stay.
In addition, the inn has a cafe on the first floor, so you can have drinks and dinner in youryukata (cotton kimono, traditional Japanese dress supplied by the inn)

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[Main Building Accommodation Plan]
Dinner: Standard Crab Course
Breakfast: Japanese breakfast

It is a dinner plan that includes two meals and one night's lodging. We serve crabs with a crab hotpot, pottery grill crab, and boiled crab.
You can enjoy the popular menu that you definitely want to eat at once ♪

Basically, dinner and breakfast are served in the room. Depending on the situation, we may ask you to move to a different private room, but please understand that there is no change in having customers eat alone.

Speaking of Kinosaki in winter, it is the producing area of “Crab”! !
It's the perfect season to enjoy the atmosphere of good old Japan, with rows of willow trees and snowy townscapes! !
Enjoy a trip that will make you forget about everyday life with Kinosaki's prided "Crab" and "Outdoor Bathing Tour"♪

The inn is full of a homely atmosphere, allowing you to relax while enjoying Kinosaki Onsen.
It is a convenient location for visiting hot springs and walking around town.☆

■Dinner ■
It is a course of 10 dishes that you can easily enjoy crabs. Prepare crab in various ways such as boiled, grilled, and hot pot. Relax in your room and enjoy it to your heart's content.

-----------<Menu >-----------

Vinegar appetizer
Boiled crab
Steamed egg custard with crab
Grilled crab on a ceramic plate
Crab hot pot
Seasonal dessert
*Base on conditions of purchase, some contents may differ.
*Approximately 1.5 crabs are used

■Dinner time■
Crab dishes take time, so this plan starts at 17:15, 17:30, 17:45, and 18:00 (we will ask you when you check in) If you arrive after 18:00 , Dinner may not be available.

Breakfast is a Japanese breakfast with grilled fish, boiled tofu, and small bowls. We use Koshihikari rice from Kinosaki, delivered directly from our contracted farmers.

■ Accommodation Benefits ■
★Two private baths (family baths) are free of charge; no reservation is required.
Please turn over the bath tag at the entrance and enter during the vacant time.
○Available hours: 7:00-10:00, 15:00-22:30

★7 Outdoor bath free pass
Speaking of Kinosaki Onsen, there are seven open-air baths! You can enter as many places as you like with an outdoor bath-free pass!
"Mandala no Yu" is a 30-second walk away. It is a 3-minute walk to "Goshonoyu" and the popular "Kounoyu."
〇Validity Period/From 15:00 at the day of check-in to 15:30 the next day

★One UTSUROI Café drink as a gift
UTSUROI, located in front of the hotel, offers home-roasted coffee, lattes, etc., that are carefully selected by the director. Order a drink of your choice during your stay.

■Confirmation required before booking■
〇There is no need to contact the hotel even if you are likely to be late for the check-in time specified at the time of reservation application. There is no reservation cancellation due to being late, but if it is past 17:00, please get in touch with us by phone.
If you arrive early, we will keep your luggage and car. The last check-in is at 18:00; the last dinner is at 18:00
〇For those who come by car, there is a free parking lot in front of the hotel. No reservation is required.

■Children are not allowed to stay in the main building.

[Main Building] Wooden three-story / Japanese-style room (toilet: with Western-style washlet) Guest rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. No elevator.

Additional fee notice
Children 7~12years(70% charge of adults)
Children 1~6(w/meals and bedding) JPY 6,600
Children 1~6(w/meals) JPY 4,950
Children 1~6(w/bedding) JPY 3,300
Children 0~2(no meals/no bedding) JPY 1,100
About service fees and taxes
Toyooka City Bathing Tax/Bathing Fees

This is a tax levied on bathing guests. It is a special purpose tax to cover the expenses required for tourism promotion; protect and manage facilities for mineral spring sources and firefighting facilities. The mineral spring bathhouse owner becomes responsible to collects it from the bathing guests.

Bathing tax
All wards: Adults 150 yen; Children are tax exempt.

Bathing fee
Yushima Ward: Adults 280 yen; Children 140 yen.
Out of the ward: Adult 300 yen; Child 150 yen.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 23:00 0 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation