Shinzan is about 5 minutes from JR Kinosaki Onsen Station by the free check-in bus. About 30 minutes from Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway/Tajima Airport IC.


Shinzan is a hot spring inn with a Taisho romance style in Kinosaki Onsen.
Please take some time to unwind in the spacious public bath, allowing you to connect with the changing seasons and natural surroundings in a deeply relaxing and therapeutic way.

Free parking and free Wi-Fi are available.

Shinzan is approximately 25 minutes walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station.
You can explore your way to the inn while enjoying the beautiful street views along the way. A free shuttle is also available.

◆Free shuttle upon check-in
This is the free connecting shuttle that operates between Kinosaki Onsen Station and Shinzan and is available upon check-in.
The shuttle operates based on the arrival of the limited express trains.
*As you arrive at Kinosaki Onsen Station, inform the station attendant that you are staying at Shinzan
*No reservation required
*Note that this free shuttle also provides service to other accommodations

◆Free shuttle upon check-out
This is the free connecting shuttle that operates between Shinzan and Kinosaki Onsen Station and is available upon check-out.
08:50, 09:10, 09:30, 09:50, 10:10

◆Shinzan Shuttle Bus
This is a free shuttle for hot spring hopping. The shuttle is a loop bus that departs from Shinzan and goes around to 5 spots within the town.

①Shinzan Ryokan→②Gosho no Yu Spa→③Wadaya→④Kinosaki Onsen Station→⑤Kinosaki Eki Douri Park→⑥Mikiya→⑦Shinzan

16:00~17:30 19:30~22:00 (departing from Shinzan every 30 minutes)

  • The interior of the building has a Taisho retro atmosphere.

  • The popular and spacious open-air bath in Kinosaki. Bathing while watching the scenery of the four seasons ~ Please spend a relaxing time in the four types of large public bath to unwind and soothe aching muscles..

  • Enjoy the season and Tajima with a luxurious menu that combines seasonal ingredients of Tajima, which is known as a treasure trove of food.

  • Wandering around the hot spring resort town in yukata is one of the best parts of Kinosaki Onsen.

Ryokan information
Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00
Address・contact information・facility HP
Address :1011 Yushima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo

Phone Number:0796-32-2855

Facility HP:
Room types
Western style rooms (0)  Japanese style rooms (26)  Western/Japanese style rooms (11)  Total (37)
Room features
37 rooms with bathroom (inc. bidet),
Meals served in guest room
Breakfast:No  Dinner:No
Private/Reserved dining in hall
Breakfast:Yes  Dinner:Yes
Hot spring
Hot spring:Yes  Family(private) bath:No  Open air(outdoor bath):Yes  Open air(outdoor bath) in guest room:No
Baths explanation
There are two baths each for men and women; these sides are changed in the morning and evening. Please enjoy a total of 4 different baths.
It is available until 12:00 at night and from 6:00 in the morning.
There are stairs to the open-air bath, and you must wear a yukata to move.
Y Small towel Y Body wash
Y Hair dryer Y Bidet
Y Toothbrush,Toothpaste Y Soap
Y Down comforter Y Hair brush,Comb
Y Large towel Y Yukata
Y Shaver Y Shampoo(Shampoo/Conditioner)
Y Shower cap Y Conditioner
Other Amenities
Regarding the amenities we provide:

○ Hand towel
○ Body soap
○ Hair dryer
○ Bidet toilet
○ Toothbrush and toothpaste
× Soap
○ Down comforter
○ Comb and brush
○ Bath towel
○ Yukata
○ Razor
○ Shampoo (including conditioner)
× Pajamas
× Shower cap
○ Conditioner
× Bathrobe
○ Cotton swabs
Open air(outdoor bath), Guest parking, Vending machine, Shop, Body care service, Air purifier, Humidifier
Internet, English support, Copier, Fax, Wheelchair
Facility information
Shuttle (take the Kinosaki Ryokan Information's free shuttle bus), massage services (extra charge), banquet hall, bicycle rental, shogi, go, mahjong (charged).
Parking Available
Credit cards accepts
VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, UC, NICOS, Diners, UFJ