ACCOMMODATIONS Pensione Kitamura

LOCATION: Kannabe; 28km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Ebara Sta.) and bus.


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[One Night Lodging With 2 Meals] "Crab Full Course"

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

Pensione Kitamura is located in Kannabe plateau which is designated as San’in Kaigan Geopark in Hyogo prefecture. This pension, surrounded by abundant nature, is specialized in homemade cuisine and a sport base-station.

We will welcome you with homegrown plateau vegetables + homemade Japanese buckwheat noodles and a lot of crab dishes in winter.

Note: The hotel is not located in "Kinosaki Onsen" area. It is approximately 28 km away from Kinosaki onsen and takes approximately 40 minutes by car.

JR Kinosaki Onsen Sta.
| (approx. 28mins by JR train)
JR Ebara Sta.
| (approx. 30mins by Zentan bus)
Kannabe Onsen Yutorogi

In winter, nothing beats this! A full-course meal with plenty of voluminous crab!

□┃ Crab Delight ★ Full Course Crab Menu

Spring brings wild vegetables, summer offers highland vegetables, autumn brings mushrooms. And of course, winter brings crab! In Kannabe, you can enjoy both outdoor activities and food. It's common for guests at Kitamura to enjoy a year's worth of crab in a single visit.

This plan is a full course offering various crab dishes♪ From melt-in-your-mouth crab sashimi to grilled, steamed, and hotpot crab dishes. Warm yourself from within and relish the concentrated flavors of crab♪

■ Sample Menu ■
・ Three Special Dishes
・ Assorted Sashimi (with crab sashimi)
・ Crab Miso Soup
・ Steamed Crab
・ Grilled Crab
・ Grilled Crab Shell
・ Crab Sukiyaki Hotpot
・ Homemade Ice Cream

※ Contents may vary slightly depending on the season.
※ For elementary school children, the menu will exclude "Steamed Crab," "Grilled Crab," and "Grilled Crab Shell" from the adult menu.
If you wish to have the same menu as adults, please make a reservation at the adult rate.
※ For children under elementary school age, a children's lunch will generally be provided. For details, please contact our establishment.

◆ About our hotel◆

★Hotel Kitamura allows guests to bring their beverages♪ Feel free to bring your own drinks even during dinner♪
※ There are no refrigerators in the rooms. There is a shared refrigerator available for your use.

★ There are two baths available for 24-hour private use♪ Feel free to use them whenever they are vacant♪

◆ About Parking ◆
※During the winter season (ski resort open period), parking fees apply only on weekends and public holidays. Please be aware of this in advance.

◆ Enjoy Winter Sports! Recommended Ski Resorts ◆
* Up Kannabe Ski Resort (No shuttle / 3-minute walk)
* Kannabe Kogen Manba SnowBoard Resort (Shuttle available / 5 minutes by car)
* Kannabe Kogen Oku-Kannabe Ski Resort (Shuttle available / 5 minutes by car)
* Hachi Kita Ski Resort (No shuttle / 30 minutes by car)
* Ojiro Ski Resort (No shuttle / 30 minutes by car)

【Winter Ski Resort - Lift Ticket, Ski/Snowboard Rental Discounts available♪♪】
For more details, please contact our hotel.

■ Nearby Attractions ■
・ Forest Adventure Oku-Kannabe
・ Kannabe Highlands - Up Kannabe
・ Kannabe Onsen Yutorogi
・ Kinosaki Onsen
・ Kinosaki Marine World
・ Izushicho Uchimachi
・ Uemura Naomi Memoral Museum

※We offer shuttle services from the nearest train station or bus stop. Please inform us in advance of your arrival time.

  • The irresistible steamed crab with its aroma (^^♪)

  • Indeed, the popular crab shell miso! Drumming your tongue with its rich and savory flavor…

  • Enjoy the delicious crab miso soup with the delectable crab essence.

  • Please relax and take your time in the cozy atmosphere around the hearth.

Additional fee notice
*In winter (during ski reason), there is an extra charge for car parking (JPY 1,500 yen per car per night)
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 0:00 4 days

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